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iPhone Friday – Boston Edition

Sorry for my absence this week. I was in New York last week for a little R&R and a family function. Didn’t do as much shooting as I’d hoped but I do have a few shots to share with you next week. Today I wanted to share some shots taken with my iPhone 6 while out and about in Boston a couple of weeks ago. All shots were processed using Snapseed. The 3rd image, “Inside Fenway” was also processed with PhotoToaster.

Boston, iPhone, iPhoneography, travel, art installation, Rose Kennedy Greenway, Janet Echelman, Greenway Project

Greenway Project Art Installation by Janet Echelman

Boston, iPhone, iPhoneography, travel, Fenway Park, Boston Red Sox

Fenway Park

Boston, iPhone, iPhoneography, travel, Fenway Park, Boston Red Sox

Inside Fenway

Boston, iPhone, iPhoneography, travel, Fan Pier, skyline, Harbour, Charles River, sunset

Shooting the Skyline at Sunset

Bicycle Parking in Boston

If you don’t know by now, I always keep my eyes open when travelling for interesting bicycle shots. These are easier to be found in Europe where you’re more likely to find old vintage bikes leaning against ancient buildings and walls. Every so often though I come across an interesting scene such as this one in Boston’s North End.

You’ve got to love the parking job.

Click on the image to enlarge.

Boston, north end, Little Italy, street, bicycle, parking, fence, street photography,

A Boston Sunset

I had to be in Boston last week for a conference and I decided to get in a day early so that I could do some shooting around the city. I do love Boston and was thrilled to find myself back in Beantown, even if it was just for a few days.

I spent hours walking during the day but I knew where I wanted to end up at sunset…Fan Pier. The pier is a great spot to photograph the skyline. I’d shot there the last time I was in town and was terribly disappointed with the images I came away with so this was my opportunity to give it another go.

It was a lovely sunset…not a wow by any means but nice and subtle with a beautiful transition to the blue hour. I was much happier this time around.

Click on the image to see a higher resolution version (it really does look better) or to Purchase a Print.

Boston, skyline, Fan Pier, sunset, blue hour, travel photography, harbour, lights, Charles River

Tel Aviv Arches

I must be going through a Black and White period because I’m really enjoying stripping away colour and letting patterns and graphic elements speak for themselves. Believe it or not I still have images from my Israel trip a year ago that I haven’t processed. This was taken across the street from the beach promenade in Tel Aviv.

I really wish I could remember what this building was. I know it wasn’t a hotel but the arches and repeating patterns just beckoned to be photographed. If anyone can identify this building let me know.

I’m also very excited because I will be heading back to Israel at the end of September for a couple of weeks and looking forward to doing more exploring with my camera.

This image was processed completely in Lightroom 5.

Click on the image to enlarge (it really does look better) or to Purchase a Print.

Tel Aviv, Israel, arches, graphic, promenade, black and white

Tel Aviv Beach in Motion

Regardless of the season, regardless of the time of day, the beaches in Tel Aviv are in perpetual motion. Whether its the sunbathers; joggers or surfers there’s also activity. It’s one of the things I most love about Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv, Israel, beach, long exposure, sand, sunset, water, Mediterranean sea

A Tree Grows There

Here’s another image from my workshop last weekend where I shot only in black & white. If you missed that post you can find it here. I really liked this tree (which was in the parking lot by the way…so don’t put your camera way when you’re walking back to the car) and I wanted to give it more of an artistic treatment.

I used Topaz Impression to create this pencil drawing look. You can always save 15% by using the discount code ELPHOTO.

Kortright Center, Toronto, Tree, Topaz Impressions, monochrome



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