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Old Montreal Streets in Motion

A long exposure of the streets of Old Montreal at night. This is one exposure and I decided not to clone out the moving people in order to show the constant motion on the streets.

Old Montreal, Quebec, night photography, long exposure, historic


Love in Central Park

I was shooting the buildings when this couple walked into my frame. Love was certainly in the air in Central Park.

New York, Central Park, lovers, couple, street photography, black and white

A Turtle Gathering

I made some new friends while strolling through Central Park. Not only was my little turtle friend on the far right smiling at me, but I got a nice big stretch.

Have a great weekend everyone.

turtle, New York, Central Park, water, pond, rock

A Fireboat at Chelsea Pier

I was in New York last weekend for a family function and while it wasn’t a photography themed getaway I did manage to sneak away one morning and head down to Chelsea Pier for some long exposures.

I had finished shooting and had packed up my gear when I saw this boat in the harbour that was spraying water. I quickly took out my camera (again) and set it up to capture what was happening. I had never seen this before but when I got back to the hotel I started googling to see what I could find on the subject. It seems that fireboats are outfitted with pumps and nozzles to fight fires on shore and on other ships. In New York Harbour fireboats will sometimes spray water when a military ship comes back to port. I didn’t see a fire nor did I see a military ship (which doesn’t mean there wasn’t one there) but it was awesome to see none the less. Maybe they were just practising for Memorial Day. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Click on the image to see a higher resolution version (it really does look better) or to Purchase a Print.

Chelsea Pier, New York, NYC, long exposure, black and white, travel photography

Bicycle Parking in Boston

If you don’t know by now, I always keep my eyes open when travelling for interesting bicycle shots. These are easier to be found in Europe where you’re more likely to find old vintage bikes leaning against ancient buildings and walls. Every so often though I come across an interesting scene such as this one in Boston’s North End.

You’ve got to love the parking job.

Click on the image to enlarge.

Boston, north end, Little Italy, street, bicycle, parking, fence, street photography,

A Boston Sunset

I had to be in Boston last week for a conference and I decided to get in a day early so that I could do some shooting around the city. I do love Boston and was thrilled to find myself back in Beantown, even if it was just for a few days.

I spent hours walking during the day but I knew where I wanted to end up at sunset…Fan Pier. The pier is a great spot to photograph the skyline. I’d shot there the last time I was in town and was terribly disappointed with the images I came away with so this was my opportunity to give it another go.

It was a lovely sunset…not a wow by any means but nice and subtle with a beautiful transition to the blue hour. I was much happier this time around.

Click on the image to see a higher resolution version (it really does look better) or to Purchase a Print.

Boston, skyline, Fan Pier, sunset, blue hour, travel photography, harbour, lights, Charles River


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