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It’s been far to long since I’ve added any new content…since last November if truth be told. That’s probably my longest absence. Much has happen since then but if you’ve been following me on Instagram (where I post images on a regular basis) then you might not need much catching up.

Earlier this summer I travelled to Israel and Greece and as I was thinking about a blog post on about that trip I realize that I haven’t shared all of my images from Spain and Portugal or uploaded them to my gallery. I’m going to fix that right now so head on over to my gallery. 🙂Seville; May 2018; Spain; travel; Real Alcazar; Royal Palace; Baths of Maria De Padilla


Gallery Group Show

Last month I alluded to the fact that I had some exciting news to share with all of you. I apologize for the delay in sharing and for my absence from the blogosphere but life sometimes has other plans for us.

Last May, when I returned from my Spain trip, there was an email waiting for me from a gallery here in Toronto who had seen my work on Instagram. They wanted to know if I would be interested to come in and have a portfolio review with the gallery owner. Hmmmm….let me think for a moment….YES.

I met with gallery owner and curator Elaine Fleck for my portfolio review and received valuable feedback. Elaine was particularly interested in my Subway Tableau series. The Elaine Fleck Gallery showcases emerging artists twice a year and I’m so excited to tell you that I was offered the opportunity to be a part of the fall catalogue and group exhibit.

The opening night reception took place on September 20th and it was a wonderful experience. I am humbled to have been a part of the exhibit and especially to be amongst the high caliber of artists and artworks exhibited.

Finn’s First Passover

Finn is ready to celebrate his first Passover and wanted to wish you all a Happy Passover and a Happy Easter!

The Hour of the Land – Book Release

The Hour of the Land, A Personal Topography of America’s National Parks by Terry Tempest Williams, is being reHour of the Land, Terry Tempest Williams, book, national park, exhibitleased today and I am so honoured and excited to tell you that one of my images will be featured in the book. In conjunction with the release of the book, EUQINOMprojects will be having a gallery group exhibit of the photographs in Terry’s book.


If you find yourself in the San Francisco area, I encourage you to visit the gallery and see the exhibit. Below is the press release from EUQINOMprojects:

Press Release THOL

Here are a few images from the exhibit….


And lastly my image “Taking it All In” taken a Acadia national Park.

Hour of the Land, Terry Tempest Williams, book, national park, exhibit, EUQINOMprojects, Acadia National Park, overlook


Toronto Digital Photography Club Presentation

I had the pleasure of meeting photographer Andrew McLachlan last year during a workshop. Denise Ippolito was leading workshops and presenting at my club, The Toronto Digital Photography Club. Denise and Andrew had co-wrote a book and she had invited him to join the workshop. It was our good fortunate that she did because this Tuesday Andrew will be presenting to the club. It you’re in the Toronto area you may want to drop by and if you’re not then check out Andrew’s site, his beautiful photography and his awesome e-books.

Andrew McLachlan


I am looking forward to presenting “A Photographer’s Guide to the Ontario Landscape”  on Tuesday April 14th to the Toronto Digital Photography Club. The presentation will be starting at 7:30 p.m. at the Edithvale Community Centre located at 131 Finch Ave West in Toronto. As usual, I will be offering copies of my eBook (on CD) to those in attendance, at the presentation special of $20 CDN.

“A Photographer’s Guide to the Ontario Landscape” is an extensive guide to landscape photography in Ontario complete with driving directions to each of the one-hundred plus locations featured within the guide. It is the only such guide that is available to folks, guiding them around the province to many beautiful vistas. The guide was published in 2011 by Birds As Art Books (Arthur Morris) and is also available for purchase on-line here, however, the presentation special does not apply to…

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Black Friday Mania

With Thanksgiving coming up in the U.S. this weekend and Black Friday mania grabbing hold both here in Canada and the U.S. I’ve come across some great photo deals that I wanted to share with all of you.

Updated with a new deal from Dreamscapes.  See below.

Stuck in Customs

HDR Tutorial banner

All Presets, Tutorials and eBooks will be marked down 35% regular price starting Wednesday November 26th to Monday December 1st. Trey Ratcliff is the one who started it all and his HDR Tutorial has just been revamped with 100% new content. In the first hour, you’ll know all the basics, and beyond that, you’ll learn an amazing collection of new tricks, workflow, and post-processing techniques that will give your photos a great and unique look. Excellent for any skill level, from beginner to advanced. In addition to this and other tutorials the Stuck in Customs store is a great resource for books as low as $4.97, textures and Lightroom presets. Check it out here.

Ian Plant’s Dreamscapes



Everything in the store is 20% OFF starting today through the end of November. If you haven’t read Ian’s Chasing the Light, this is the perfect time to pick up a copy of this amazing book.

Topaz Labs


If you’ve been following this blog then you know that I use Topaz Labs plug-ins in my workflow. From November 28th through December 1st, the good folks at Topaz Labs is offering the entire Topaz Photography Collection (all 15 products) for $249.99. Use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2014 at checkout. And don’t forget you can use the coupon code elphoto to get 15% of any individual product.

Edith Levy Photography

Last and certainly not least from now until Dec 23rd take 20% all products in my gallery by using the coupon code Holiday2014. If you’re thinking of a unique gift why not give the gift of art.

Malibu Pier, California, long exposure, high key, beach, waves, malibu pier cafe, travel photography

Weekly Photo Challenge – CN Tower – Between

CN Tower Sandwich

Last week I spent the afternoon out on Centre Island for a work function. Once back in the city my colleagues and I were walking across Queens Quay heading towards our next destination…drinks on the patio 🙂 I had to stop when I saw this scene, the CN Tower seemingly sandwiched between tow condo buildings.  I thought this would be perfect for this weeks theme.

This was shot with my iPhone 4s and processed with Snapseed to crop and for some minor adjusts and then with iColorama to create this overall painterly effect.

CN Tower, Toronto, iPhone, iPhoneography, iColorama, Snapseed


A Fish, A Dog & Topaz DeNoise

Sorry I tried to get a bit more creative on the title but this is what I came up with.

I’ve been a little absent from this blog this week but I’m still trying to catch up with work after my trip to Houston last week. Actually the next couple of weeks will be a bit hectic so I may not be up to my usual schedule. In addition to today’s post on this site I’ve also posted a recap of my experience at the Paw Print Divas Pet Photography workshop on myPhoDOGraphy by Edith site. Click here to see that post and get a look at some of our furry models.

There are shooting situations we all find ourselves in when we just don’t have enough light to capture the image we want. When that happens we increase our ISO to allow us to increase our shutter speed. Luckily today’s DSLRs can handle high ISOs without much noise but even a little noise can be annoying in some images. Topaz DeNoise has been my go to noise reduction software for quite some time now but Topaz Labs just released an update that’s made DeNoise even better. The new interface enables you to bring back the detail in your images and the results are quite amazing.

I took this image at Ripley’s Aquarium and as you know the lighting isn’t great and I shot this with an ISO of 1250. After using DeNoise and bringing back some of the detail the image is pretty clean.

Ripley's Aquarium, Toronto, tank, fish, water, underwater, Toronto attractions, Topaz DeNoise

Here’s a before and after of an image I processed using DeNoise.  This is Jesse who was being coy and hiding behind a big tree. My ISO was only 640 but I didn’t want any noise to distract from Jesse so I ran the image through DeNoise then brought back some detail. The difference is subtle but its there. Click on the images to enlarge.

Topaz DeNoise is regularly $79.99 but if you use coupon code “mardenoise” it’s 50% for the month of March. Click here to purchase or download a trial.

Toronto Pet Photographer, Paw Print Divas, Houston, photo shoot, lifestyle pet photography, Corgi, Topaz DeNoise


Toronto Pet Photographer, Paw Print Divas, Houston, photo shoot, lifestyle pet photography, Corgi, Topaz DeNoise



Look into My Eyes – Shelter Animals Need a Forever Home

I don’t usually re blog but I thought this was an important post. Anything that would give these animals a chance at a forever home is worth doing. I just posted this to my PhoDOGraphy by Edith site. Have a look and let me know what you think. Please consider following my new site to stay up to date with my adventures as an intrepid pet photographer 🙂

PhoDOGraphy By Edith Levy

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with an initiative that’s making the rounds on social media called #feedthedeed. It was started by a student at the University of Western Ontario where one student nominates a friend to do a good deed. Once they do it’s posted on Facebook and that person nominates another. My oldest son was home from university last week and he was nominated to Feed the Deed. Being an animal lover (yes he’s a chip of the old blog) he decided to gather supplies (old towels and blankets we had at home) then bought some toys, collars and leashes and head to Toronto Animal Services (TAS) near our home to donate all of these things to the shelter. I accompanied him to the shelter that day and while there I started talking to the staff and I let them know that I was a photographer and…

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The Lone Cypress

Before I get to today’s image there are a few unbelievable sales that I wanted you to know about.

From Aug 28th to Sept 2nd save 20% on all prints in the Edith Levy Photography (yup…that’s me 🙂 ) gallery. Just use the coupon code LabourDay at checkout.

Craft & Vision is celebrating its 4th Birthday with a 50% off sale on all its ebooks  on Aug 27th and 28th only. There’s no discount code to use, the 50% discount is automatically applied at check out. This is a great time to stock up on ebooks you’ve missed. Click here to go to the Craft & Vision site.

The other incredible deal I wanted to tell you about is from Gura Gear.  They’re having a sale on both the Kiboko 22L+ and the Bataflae 18L from August 28 – September 3.



The quality of these bags are unparalleled. I just received the Bataflae 18L a couple of weeks ago and took it on its first trip last weekend. First impressions have been great and I’ll have a full review on this bag in the near future. In the mean time it is very rare that Gura Gear has a sale on its bags so if you’re in the market for a new bag then check this out.

Now on to today’s image. The Lone Cypress is probably the best known landmark on the 17 Mile drive in Pebble Beach. It’s prevailed on this rocky perch for more the 250 years.

Click on the image to enlarge (it really does look better) or to Purchase a Print.

Lone Cypress, 17 Mile Drive, Pebble Beach, Carmel, California, tree, Monterey Cypress, overlook, pacific ocean, fog, clouds, travel photography

Sharp Shooter – Proven Techniques for Sharper Photographs

Sharp Shooter, ebook, Martin Bailey, Craft and Vision, review

Craft & Vision’s latest release is out and I was excited to see this one for 2 reasons. The first, is that it’s written by Martin Bailey and I thoroughly enjoyed and got a lot out of his previous book, Making the Print. The second reason which is probably more important is that I often get frustrated when I get home after a shoot, download my images and realize, once I see them on a big screen, that the shot that I thought was my killer image is not as sharp as it should be.

In Sharp Shooter, Bailey walks the reader through, in his usual clear and concise fashion, the gamut on the subject—from hand-holding techniques, stabilization, and what makes an image sharp in the first place, to macro-sharpness, depth of field, focus stacking, sharpening for final output, and more.

What was extremely useful to me was his in-depth explanation of Hyperfocal Distance and how it applies to different lenses. The section on focusing in the macro range and his coverage of shooting for focus stacking and processing of those images was invaluable.

Sharp Shooter, ebook, Martin Bailey, Craft and Vision, review

Sharp Shooter, ebook, Martin Bailey, Craft and Vision, review

Martin Bailey is a nature and wildlife photographer, British-born though now based in Tokyo. Fueled by his passion for travel and nature, Martin is an international tour and workshop leader, working on all seven continents. A pioneering podcaster and blogger, Gura Gear Pro, and X-Rite Coloratti member, he helps photographers from around the world to see and capture the wonders of this awesome planet we call home.

Use the discount code SHARP4 to get USD $1 off SHARP SHOOTER.  If you buy 5 or more products from the Craft & Vision collection use the discount code SHARP20 for 20% off. These codes expire at 11:59 PM (PST) July 4, 2013. Click Here to Purchase.

iPhone Friday – Cruising Casino

This is the last of my iPhone images from our cruise this past December. These are from the Casino on the Navigator of the Seas. I just loved these sculptures.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Navigator of the Seas, casino, cruise, bar, sculptures, iphoneography

Navigator of the Seas, casino, cruise, bar, sculptures, iphoneography

Navigator of the Seas, casino, cruise, bar, sculptures, iphoneography

Navigator of the Seas, casino, cruise, bar, sculptures, iphoneography

iPhone Friday – Here Come The Smoked Meat!

Yes…we’re back at Schwartz’s Deli in Montreal today. Thought I would share some images shot & processed with my iPhone but before I do that I have a story I’d like to share with you.

My family and I were at Schwartz’s last Saturday. Well it seems that the next day, Sunday, Celine Dion and her husband were at Schwartz’s (as they’re big fans of this fine establishment) and picked up the tab for everyone in the restaurant. 😦 missed her by one day 😦

Montreal, Schwartzs, Deli, The Main, St. Lawrence, Smoked Meat

Waiting Patiently!

Montreal, Schwartzs, Deli, The Main, St. Lawrence, Smoked Meat

Finally…we get a table.

Montreal, Schwartzs, Deli, The Main, St. Lawrence, Smoked Meat

Everyone Else is Eating 😦

Montreal, Schwartzs, Deli, The Main, St. Lawrence, Smoked Meat

Still Waiting but We’re Getting Closer.

Montreal, Schwartzs, Deli, The Main, St. Lawrence, Smoked Meat

I couldn’t wait to dig in so all you get to see is half a sandwich 🙂 I didn’t take any pictures afterwards! Too Stuffed!

The Light on the Horizon

For those of you that follow this blog you probably already know that I was in Maine in July and was up for a sunrise shoot at Portland Head Light. You can see those posts here and here. Well I ended up going back to the lighthouse later that day since not all of my travelling companions joined me at the crack of dawn…go figure 🙂

While I like the shots that I took later that afternoon, the problem was that it was very bright & sunny with not a cloud in the sky. Not such a big problem for a summer vacation but the harsh light doesn’t produce the greatest of images.

I quite liked this particular shot of Portland Head but I thought that I could add some drama but using a texture overlay and creating a more worn, nostalgic look to the image.

Click on the image to enlarge (it really does look better) or to Purchase a Print.

Portland Head, lighthouse, Maine, travel, fine art,

The last time I had posted an image with a texture overlay a few readers asked what the original image looked like so this time I thought I would share the original before I added the texture overlay.

Portland Head, lighthouse, Maine, travel photography, landscape

Well….what do you think?

iPhone Friday – Higher Education

We’re a very educated bunch here in Canada. We have world-renowned universities across the country.  What are you interested in? Medicine? Well then McGill University is for you. Is Engineering your cup of tea? You have a choice, University of Toronto or University of British Columbia. Want to become a lawyer? Then you may want to apply to Osgoode or Dalhousie. I could go on forever.

There is a little known academy, our best kept secret. Oh the list of alumni goes on forever.There’s something about this place. People just want to keep coming back.

Deep in the heart of downtown Toronto, the jewel of academia, let me introduce…..

iphone, iphoneography, toronto, beer academy, snapseed, phototoaster

iPhone Friday

Oh I’m so excited. I finally upgraded from a Blackberry to an iPhone a couple of weeks ago and am I having fun. Having a camera with me where ever I go is fantastic and the iPhone is truly incredible. I’ve also been playing around with different apps and effects and I thought I’d share some of this weeks creations with you. Before I get into the images I have to give a big shout-out to Justin Balog, who is an incredible photographer and has the best iPhone Photography Tutorial that I’ve found. It’s free and there’s tons of information so grab a cup of coffee, click here and enjoy.

Tulips...can Spring be far?

Yes it snowed on the weekend.

Loved the patterns the snow made on this metal bench



More Tulips

Zoom Zoom

Back to a couple of “somewhat” abstract images that I took last weekend while attempting some in-camera effects. Both of these images were taken while zooming during the exposure. This first image was taken with an exposure time of 0.4…

…while this second image had an exposure of 1/2. Both are single exposure. the top on is straight out of the camera. I only slightly adjusted levels in Photoshop. The image below was tonemapped first in Photmatix Pro as a single exposure. What do you think?

As always you can click on the image to see a larger version.

“A Deeper Frame” New eBook by David duChemin

When I started this blog a mere month or so ago it was because I have a love of photography and I wanted to personally challenge myself to get out, shoot, share and learn. What’s become abundantly clear to me is that there is a wonderful community of photographers (both casual & serious) out there who love this medium and are eager to share their photographs, stories, experiences and offer lots of encouragement to newbies like me. I visit many photoblogs and am blown away by the creativity and beauty of the work out there.

 I love to read and long before I started blogging I was reading books on photography, both technical and “art” books. As you and I both know these can get expensive. One day I came across a site called Craft & Vision whose whole raison d’etre is to provide “exceptional photography education at irresistible prices” through their ebooks. And that they do. At $5.00 an ebook you have to agree that’s irresistible. I’ve read many of their ebooks (not all….yet) and I’ve enjoyed everyone and can honestly say have learned from each book I’ve read.

The newest book in the Craft & Vision library is A Deeper Frame. Creating Deeper Photographs & More Engaging Images by David duChemin. While this ebook is relatively short, only 23 pages, it’s packed with inspiring imagery and a compelling narrative by David.

 David duChemin is a world & humanitarian photographer, best-selling author, and international workshop leader. If you haven’t checked out his blog yet please do so at http://www.pixelatedimage.com . David is a passionate photographer and writer and I have had the pleasure of reading many of his books. As a matter of fact I have his “Venice, A Monograph” ebook loaded onto my iPad and ready to go on my trip toItaly next month.

 Ok…back to the task at hand. In his latest endeavour David takes the reader on a journey of exploration on how to express their photographic vision. This book isn’t trying to teach you the technical how to of creating depth in your photographs although there is a little bit of that but rather its trying to help the reader understand emotional depth. Creating depth in a photograph whether it’s through perspective, composition or the type of lens you use, will elicit a certain emotional response from the viewer.

“A Deeper Frame outlines seven ways that we can create more engaging images through the re-creation of a sense of depth in the flattened image to create photographs that feel immersive and invite a reader of that photograph to not merely look at the photograph but into or through the photograph.”

 A Deeper Frame is available now as a downloadable PDF for just $5USD.

Special Offer on PDFs
For the first five days only, if you use the promotional code DEEP4 when you checkout, you can have the PDF version of A Deeper Frame for only $4 OR use the code DEEP20 to get 20% off when you buy 5 or more PDF ebooks from the Craft & Vision collection. These codes expire at 11:59pm PST July 2, 2011.

The DEEPEST Discount Ever!
For the next five days only you can have twelve ebooks for just $40 – that’s 34% off (A.K.A. 4 ebooks for free)! Load-up your shopping cart with 12+ ebooks and then use the promotional code DEEPER12 when you checkout. This code expires at 11:59pm PST July 2, 2011.


A Different Perspective

The CN Tower really is higher then a lamppost….or is it?

Canon Xti, Sigma 18 - 200mm, f/13, 1/250, 31mm

Hidden Treasure

Project 52 – Entry #8

Finally…it was a beautiful weekend in Toronto but alas it was also a very busy one. I hope all you Dads, Uncles and Grandfathers had a spectacular Father’s day.

I was able to steal away for about an hour on Saturday afternoon and walk around old Richmond Hill. I found a small park tucked away on a side street behind an old heritage building. The park was empty and it allowed me to not only take some pictures but relax on a park bench and enjoy the sunshine for a few minutes. What was really nice was this pretty gazebo located at the far end of the park.

Canon Xti, Sigma 10 - 20mm, f/22 1/10, 10mm

While sitting inside the gazebo I was enjoying the shadows that the benches and the gazebo itself was creating. I composed my shot to get the bench and shadows but during post processing I felt like there should be more at play here. I used Topaz Lens Effects to create the zoom effect and then a layer mask in Photoshop to reveal parts of the bench.

Canon Xti, Sigma 10 - 20mm, f/22, 1/13, 11mm