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Annie Leibovitz – The Big Book

One of my favourite photographers today is Annie Leibovitz. When Taschen publishers announced a few months ago that they’ve published a new art book of Annie’s work I thought to myself I have to get a copy.

This “Big Book” is about 20in x 28in and comes with its own stand and a retail price of $2500.00.  As much as I’d love a copy of this book, unfortunately, at that price it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting a copy anytime soon but I would have loved to at least see it.

Walking through the St. Germain-des Pres district in Paris one day we stumbled across a Taschen book store and what was displayed in the window…yes…The Big Book. They had one on display inside as well which I was able to flip through (no pictures allowed though) and it was beautiful. I know I’m a geek 🙂

Taschen, Paris, Annie Leibovitz, Art Book,


Taschen, Paris, Annie Leibovitz, Art Book,