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Introspection In Valencia

From the new to the old in Valencia.

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Valencia, Spain, old town, historic, bench, church, pigeon, woman

Central Park’s Literary Walk

I hope all of my Canadian and American friends are having a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I thought it would be appropriate to share an image (or 3) from NYC today. The Mall in Central Park is a pedestrian walkway flanked by a quadruple row of American Elm trees. This is one of the last remaining stands of American elm in North America.

The southern end of the mall is known as Literary Walk where you’ll find the statues of Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott and Fitz-Greene Halleck.

Below you’ll see 3 versions of my Literary Walk image, Black and white; Color and a high key artistic version. Which do you prefer???

New York, Central Park, Literary Walk, black and white, travel photography, trees, bench

New York, Central Park, Literary Walk, travel photography, trees, benches

New York, Central Park, Literary Walk, black and white, high key, trees, bench, travel photography


Lago Di Como

Lago di Como or Lake Como is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe and on this point I would have to agree.

Surrounded by quaint villages and towns and framed by the Alps this has been a mecca for aristocrats and the rich and famous for over 100 years. The rich and famous still flock to Lake Como (Believe me I was looking for George Clooney but had no luck in finding him) but it’s now a not to be missed destination that’s accessible to all.

I still have lots of Paris images to share with you but I thought I would give you a glimpse of Lago di Como.

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Sunday in the Park

I hope everyone had an excellent weekend. Before we get to today’s image I wanted to share with you a sale I just found out about. I’m sure many of you are familiar with Trey Ratcliff’s Stuck in Customs site. If you’re not you should head over there and check out Trey’s work. The Stuck in Customs store is having a Father’s Day sale. All items in the store including photography tutorials and tools are 25% off until Sunday June 16th.

A stroll through Boston Common yields many beautiful scenes but the serenity of this one just spoke volumes to me.

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Boston, Boston Common, park, lake, bench, spring, travel photography

Private Jet Needs Fuel!

I just loved this gentleman. He was beyond cool. My husband and I were taking a leisurely walk along the Mississippi river, deep in conversation, as we passed him. Honestly we’d been walking and I’d been photographing all day and now I was just in relaxation mode (I’m usually much more observant). Our conversation went like this:

Him: “Did you see his sign?”

Me: “No I didn’t.”

Him: “It was very funny. You should take a picture.”


I doubled back, lifted my camera in a gesture to say…”do you mind?” He said “Nah go right ahead.” I gave him a little something to help fuel that private jet. He thanked me, asked where we were from (he likes Canadians 🙂 ), we knocked knuckles and I was on my way.

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New Orleans, street photography, man, sign, man on bench