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Zurich Bicycle #1

European cities + bicycles = _____________ (go head…fill in the blank 🙂 )

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Zurich, Switzerland, architecture, street, bicycle, bike, Europe, old town

Viennese Bicycle

A European city, a classic bicycle. Did you have any doubts that I would photograph it?

Vienna, Austria, architecture, bicycle, window, travel photography

Neighbourhoods of Tel Aviv – Carmel Market

Just south of the Carmel Market thee are multiple little neighbourhoods that are as full of character as they are of history. I was out exploring the area that is border by Rabbi Meir Street and Hillel HaZaken St. and at every corner there was another interesting street vignette.

I thought this image was a good candidate for some digital painting. After processing the image in Lightroom I brought it into Photoshop and then used Topaz Impression to do the heavy lifting and finished it off in Nik ColorFX.

Click on the image to enlarge (it really does look better) or to Purchase a Print. 

Israel, Tel Aviv, neighbourhood, bicycle, mailbox, Carmel Market, digital painting

Wheels in Motions – Banana Beach, Tel Aviv

One of the features of the Canon 5D Mark 3 is the in camera multiple exposure function. I was having a lot of fun trying it out on the beach in Tel Aviv and when I saw this cyclist approaching…well…I couldn’t resist.

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Israel, Tel Aviv, Banana Beach, sea, bicycle, multiple exposure, cycling,

Riding the Ruins

There was something just a bit surreal to see an older gentleman casually riding his bike through the ruins of Caesarea.

Israel, Caesarea, black and white, travel photography, ruins, bicycle, rider,

Bicycle Parking in Boston

If you don’t know by now, I always keep my eyes open when travelling for interesting bicycle shots. These are easier to be found in Europe where you’re more likely to find old vintage bikes leaning against ancient buildings and walls. Every so often though I come across an interesting scene such as this one in Boston’s North End.

You’ve got to love the parking job.

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Boston, north end, Little Italy, street, bicycle, parking, fence, street photography,