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iPhone Friday – Google

In the Tannery district in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario you will find a nondescript building that houses Google’s most important office hub outside of the United States and Communitech, a not-for-profit organization that provides office space and other support to Waterloo-based startups.

I was fortunate to have a tour of these two offices for business purposes and of course I couldn’t resist but to take a few iPhone shots to share with all of you.

google, office, reception

Art behind the receptionists desk

Google, office, aquarium

Help Yourself to Some Water

Unfortunately once we were led inside I had strict instructions that photographs were not allowed. You can just imagine my disappointment but the offices themselves did not disappoint. I’m sure you’ve seen it on YouTube or TV, cafeteria with full kitchen staff that prepare hot breakfasts and lunches for the employees, pinball machines, slides and hammocks if you need to rest.  Looked like a fun place to work but the hammocks and rest areas made me wonder how many hours these employees actually put in?

From there we went downstairs to the Communitech office.

Heading Downstairs

Couldn’t Resist…loved this sign!

imap, art installation, mixed media

Art in the office titled “iMap” a mixed-media installation made from parts of MacBooks.

reality cave, 3d, simulation,

Got to try out the Reality Cave, a 3D simulator that reminded me of the holodeck…very cool. Look carefully you can see the corner of the wall (which, by the way, you can’t see with the 3D glasses on)

iPhone Friday – Panorama Mania Courtesy of iOS6

OK I had something completely different planned for today but that’s going to have to wait. I updated my iPhone yesterday to iOS6 and of all the great new features the first one that I had to try out was the panorama option on the camera. When I first heard about it I honestly didn’t think it was going to work as well as it does. The pano “box” on the screen makes sure that the iPhone is level and once you press the shutter you just have to pan along smoothly to get your shot.

I worked today so unfortunately I didn’t have anything exciting to shoot but hopefully these 2 images will give you an idea of the potential of this new feature.

Click on the images to enlarge.

books, panorama, iOS6, iPhone,

This image was processed with Snapseed and PhotoToaster

panorama, iOS6, iPhone,

This was processed with Dramatic B&W and Camera Awesome

iPhone Friday – Toronto’s Harbourfront Festival

Every year Toronto’s Harbourfront plays host to Askenaz, a festival of Jewish and Yiddish culture. The cornerstone of this festival is the live Klezmer music that is performed throughout the week. This past Sunday I had the opportunity to go down to the harbourfront and enjoy the cultural events and some of the live performance.  Here are some iPhone shots from the day…

Have a great weekend everyone.

Toronto, harbourfront, askenaz festival, music, musicians,

Toronto, harbourfront, askenaz festival, music, musicians,

Toronto, harbourfront, askenaz festival, music, musicians,

Toronto, harbourfront, askenaz festival, music, musicians,

Toronto, harbourfront, askenaz festival, music, musicians,

Toronto, harbourfront, askenaz festival, CN Tower,

iPhone Friday – Art & The Vintage Car

Art & The Vintage Car…sounds like the title to an unusual book (or post) Actually the two don’t really have anything in common except being located in the same area of town.

Welcome to this week’s edition of iPhone Friday.  I’m taking you back to the Distillery district just one more time.  First the art. There’s a unique and wonderful gallery located in the Distillery called CubeWorks. You have to check out their site. Art work is created from Rubik’s cube pieces, have a look below.

CubeWorks – Distillery District

Bob Marley – yes those are Rubik’s cube pieces.

Next…the vintage car. This wonderful vintage Dodge is permanently parked and on display at the Distillery. For all you vintage car fans…yes it really is this cool looking.

This is how one used to open the window in a car 🙂

iPhone Friday – Architectural Delights (Sort Of)

The weekend’s almost here (and I’m enthusiastically looking forward to it as it was a very busy week) but for now it’s time for iPhone Friday.

Today I have a selection of images taken within a 2 block radius of the theatre district in downtown Toronto.

Enjoy and have a good weekend everyone.

Just a Second!

Dark Shadows (minus Johnny Depp)

Holy Cow!

iPhone Friday – On Campus

Yesterday PhotographyBB Online Magazine released their 50th edition.  Why am I telling you this…well…I’m very excited. I’ve contributed a feature article to the magazine on how to start your own photography blog. The magazine is a free download and is filled with great articles. Go ahead and grab your copy.


Now on to iPhone Friday. Last Saturday I attended a seminar by Photographer Tony Sweet at the University of Toronto. It was a little chilly that day but I decided to get some fresh air during our lunch break. Armed with my trusty iPhone I went in search for some interesting images. Below are a few images I captured. Have a great weekend everyone.



University of Toronto


Looking Through