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Holiday Wishes from Toronto…Eh!

As I sit here preparing this post I’m looking out my window, the sun is shining and it doesn’t look like we’re going to have much of a white Christmas here in Toronto. We had a dusting of snow in the city a couple of days ago and that’s about it but it has been cold so I am looking forward to getting away to a bit of warm weather later this week.

Just a quick post today to wish you all a Happy Holiday and Wonderful New Year. I’ll be back mid-week with a recap of my favourite images of 2012.

Christmas Tree, Distillery District, Toronto, Ontario, Christmas Market, night

Dodge at the Distillery

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I tell you with the holidays coming up so quickly life has gotten even more hectic than usual.  Today’s shot is another one taken last week at the Christmas Market at the Distillery District. These old dodge automobiles are all over the Distillery District. I had to squeeze myself and my tripod into a tight corner to get this angle so that I could include all the awesome christmas lights.

I actually converted this to a B&W image as well and asked my husband’s opinion on which one he liked more. He picked colour. I’ve upload the B&W version to my Facebook Page. Have a look and let me know what you think.

Click on the image to enlarge (it really looks better) or to Purchase a Print.

Distillery District, Toronto, Christmas Market, Dodge, vintage

iPhone Friday – Balzac’s Coffee House & A Few Thank You’s

After shooting long exposures last Saturday night at the Christmas Market at the Distillery District (you can see the result here) I couldn’t feel my fingers anymore. What better way to warm up then a cup of java.  Balzac’s is a home grown (Ontario) coffee house whose first location was in Stratford, Ontario. There’s only 7 locations in Ontario and the one at the Distillery is usually packed. The coffee is excellent and a nice alternative to my usual, addiction, obsession Starbuck’s.

Balzac's; coffee house; Toronto; Distillery District; iphoneography

Balzac's; coffee house; Toronto; Distillery District; iphoneography

Balzac's; coffee house; Toronto; Distillery District; iphoneography

And now comes the time for some Thank You’s. This week I was nominated for 3 different blogging awards and I wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation.

Ganesh Raam nominated me for the Shine On Blog Award; Xavi Geis has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award and Lectures au Coeur has nominated me for the Sunshine Award.  I am truly honoured. If you haven’t visited these amazing blogs then please do so. You’ll be happy you did.

There are lots of rules and instructions that come with these awards such as telling you what my favorite color and foods are and nominating others.  I blog and post images regularly so I think my regular followers already know some of my likes and dislikes and if you’re not a regular follower…welcome! Stick around there’s always interesting stuff happening around here. As for my nominations…well that’s a tough one. There are so many incredible bloggers and photographers out there. Have a look at this list of bloggers that I nominated the last go around of awards. I’ve “met” and respect so many of you. You really are incredible whether you have a photography blog; you’re writers or painters; write food blogs, you are all part of this awesome community, that it’s difficult to to narrow it down to just a few. Over the next few weeks I will be publishing a page of terrific blogs that I think you should follow. Keep on the lookout.

Round & Round She Goes…

This past weekend I headed downtown to the Distillery District where the annual Christmas Market was being held. The Christmas Market is fashioned after a traditional European outdoor Christmas Market with food stalls and vendors lining the cobblestone streets of the Distillery. Hot apple cider and schnitizel were popular fares and the free brandy and liquor tastings was enjoyed by many (my husband included 🙂 )

Going on the first Saturday night may not have been the greatest idea as it was jam-packed but lots of fun none the less.

I’ll be posting more images later this week and next but here’s an image of the ferris wheel and merry-go-round which was fantastic to watch and shoot at night.

Distillery District, Toronto, Christmas Market, Ferris Wheel, Merry-go-round, night photography

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