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Vision is Better 3 – A New Book by David duChemin

David duChemin is nothing if he isn’t consistent in the messages that he delivers. Whether those messages are delivered via his blog or in his books or through his photographs he expounds on the virtues of vision. While gear is important, as are technical skills, as photographer we must have passion that drives our creativity and our vision.

craft and vision, vision is better, bundle, ebook, david duchemin

Vision is Better 3 was released today by Craft and Vision and it’s 145 pages of essays, articles and tutorials from David duChemin. This is a compilation of articles from David’s Pixelated Image blog and never before published material. The articles are thought provoking and eloquently written. David shares his insights into the how and why of photography. If your a fan of David duChemin or whether your a photographer who wants a glimpse inside the mind and eye of a very talented artist then this book should be part of your library.

You can get Vision is Better 3 for only $5 here. Want an even better value…you can purchase the series, Vision is Best which includes Vision is Better 1, 2 & 3 for $10. You can purchase the bundle here.


craft and vision, vision is better, bundle, ebook, david duchemin

craft and vision, vision is better, bundle, ebook, david duchemin

PHOTOGRAPH Issue 3 – Craft & Vision’s Quarterly Magazine

The third issue of PHOTOGRAPH A Digital Quarterly Magazine for Creative Photographers hit the stands today or more appropriately your inbox. Craft & Vision has put out another outstanding issue and this 113 page ad free magazine is full of thought provoking articles and beautiful imagery.

Photograph, Craft and Vision, Quarterly magazine, David duChemin

Issue 3 features insightful Q&As and featured portfolios from Hengki Koentjoro, a nature photographer who specializes in fine art black & white photography; Kevin Clark a food photographer who can make crumbs on a plate look appetizing and Dave Delnea a commercial, travel and landscape photographer and author.

You’ll also be treated to a number of excellent articles that includes (and this isn’t all of them):

Without The Camera – David duChemin

Creative Composition – John Paul Caponigro

The Art of the Print – Martin Bailey

Camera Craft – Nicole S. Young

Gear is Good – Al Smith

Portraits in Northern Kenya – David duChemin

Photograph, Craft and Vision, Quarterly magazine, David duChemin

You can purchase Issue 3 of PHOTOGRAPH for USD $8 here. As with all of Craft & Vision’s offerings, they aim to knock the content out of the ballpark and do so at exceptional value. That’s why you can also get a one-year subscription for $USD 24—that’s four issues for the price of three.

Lightroom Presets – A New Craft & Vision Product


What I like about Craft & Vision is that they like to mix it up a little…their product line that is. Building on a strong foundation of exceptional ebooks, they introduced their Quarterly magazine PHOTOGRAPH 6 months ago and now they’re releasing their latest product, LIGHTROOM PRESETS.

Presets are a great way of making your workflow more efficient and Craft & Vision today released 2 sets of presets that I think you’ll love.

David duChemin’s LR Develop Presets includes 36 presets and an 18 page pdf guide that walks you through the installation process and a series of before and after images.



Dave Delnea’s LR Develop Presets includes 46 presets and a 28 page pdf guide that walks you through the installation process and a series of before and after images.



They are both sold separately for USD $10; the bundle is USD $18. But if purchased before May 6th at 11:59pm you can get an additional $2 off the bundle (USD $16) when you use the code: PRESET2. Click Here to go to the Craft & Vision site.

PHOTOGRAPH – Issue 2 Is Out – A Quarterly Magazine from Craft & Vision

Issue 2 of PHOTOGRAPH is now out and it’s jam-packed with the quality content that I’ve come to expect from Craft and Vision. If you didn’t get a chance to pick up the first issue let me give you a short introduction. Published by Craft & Vision, the same people PhotoIssue2_Cover_260responsible for some of the best photography e-books out there, this is a gorgeous, ad-free magazine full of great photographs and exceptional articles from photographers and authors who excel at their craft.

Issue 2 includes the featured portfolios of Martin Bailey, Andy Biggs and Chris Orwig. This issue’s articles cover both the artistic and the technical with topics such as Without the Camera by David duChemin, Creative Composition by John Paul Caponigro, The Art of the Print by Martin Bailey and Exposure and Metering Modes by Nicole S. Young.

At 122 pages (did I mention it was ad-free) this is an excellent magazine and an incredible value.

You can purchase Issue Two of PHOTOGRAPH for $8 US by clicking any of the images of by visiting Craft & Vision. You can also purchase a one-year subscription for $24, that’s 4 issues for the price of 3.




PHOTOGRAPH – A Digital Quarterly Magazine for Creative Photographers

Known for producing monthly eBooks geared to improve photographic technique, Craft & Vision released today the first issue of PHOTOGRAPH – A Digital Quarterly Magazine for Creative Photographers.

As you know for the last year I’ve reviewed Craft & Vision’s ebooks. Their ebooks are written by photographers for photographers and deal with creative and technical aspects of our craft, These ebooks offer great value, are well written, informative, educational, filled with lots of gorgeous photographs and at an average of $5 an ebook, offer exceptional value. For this reason I was very excited to receive, read and review their new e-magazine.

If you subscribe to any number of photography magazines you’ll understand the appeal and excitement surrounding this new publication.

PHOTOGRAPH weighs in at 133 pages (I know, I know it’s not size that matters but the quality of the content). I’m telling you this to illustrate how much material is included in this issue.

Regular Craft & Vision authors and photographers such as David duChemin, Jean Paul Caponigro, Nicole S. Young and Andrew S. Gibson are just a few of the contributors in this inaugural issue.

Here are just a few of the 11 articles included in this issue:

  • Creative Composition by Jean paul Caponigro
  • The Art of the Print by Martin Bailey
  • Without The Camera – Choosing The Frame: The Art of the Edit by David duChemin
  • Gear is Good by Al Smith

Each of these articles are in and of themselves mini ebooks filled with a wealth of information. In addition to the articles PHOTOGRAPH will feature Portfolios of both “amateur” and “pro” photographers in every issue. Issue #1’s featured Portfolios are:

  • Bruce Percy: Iceland
  • Nate Parker: Acadia & New England
  • Art Wolfe: Burma and Hokkaido

What’s very exciting is that the editor of PHOTOGRAPH, David duChemin is open to suggestions on who you would like to see featured in the magazine. Actually maybe you’d like to contribute?

I have high hopes for this publication in that it becomes a place where the photographic community can share and learn from each other.

I’m already looking forward to the winter issue.

You can purchase Issue One of PHOTOGRAPH for USD $8 by clicking any image above, or by visiting Craft & Vision. Save 25% by purchasing a one year subscription for $USD 24 – that’s four issues for the price of three. Click here to purchase a subscription.

Portraits of Earth, An Introduction to Landscape Photography A New eBook by David duChemin

What are the elements that make a landscape photograph jump out at you and make you say…”Why Can’t I Do That?!?” Is it the composition? The light? The Sharpness? It’s all of these elements and more.

Don’t let the title of Craft & Vision’s newest ebook, Portraits of Earth, An Introduction to Landscape Photography, fool you. This ebook isn’t just a simple introduction for new photographers, it’s for photographers of every level who want some insight into David duChemin’s “lessons learned” as he moved from photographing people to photographing landscapes.

David duChemin is a humanitarian and landscape photographer, best-selling author, workshop leader & teacher and founder of Craft & Vision. I’ve read his print books, his ebooks and follow his blog and am amazed when I find myself learning something new every time I pick up on of his books. He’s a prolific writer whose insights are both educational and enlightening.

In Portraits of Earth, David doesn’t focus on gear, he rarely does. In fact, in this 65 page ebook perhaps 1/10th is spent covering gear. What is covered is optics, filters and tripods and that’s because the use of this equipment has a “significant effect on the aesthetic of the image.” David discusses in great detail different types of light. Whether its soft, reflected, side or back light (and many more) each has its advantages and disadvantages and we learn how he’s used challenging lighting situations to his benefit.

Want to gather some insight (or Tips & Tricks as duChemin categorizes it) on how to shot land, water and snow? It’s all there in great detail. This ebook is filled with David duChemin’s astounding photography which he uses as examples for the topics he’s covering.

Special Offer on PDF eBook
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Special Giveaway
David will send three lucky winners a signed 8.5 x 11 fine-art print of the cover photograph! All you have to do is buy the PDF before September 10, 2012, and cross your fingers.

eyePhone – Making Stronger Photographs with your Camera Phone – ebook Review

Craft & Vision released its latest ebook today and you can imagine my surprise and excitement when I learned that the topic was camera phone photography.  If you’ve visited or followed this blog then you know that I have a weekly post called ‘iPhone Friday’ and that I love to shoot, edit and share my iPhone images.  “eyePhone – Making Stronger Photographs with your Camera Phone” by Al Smith is a good starting point if your new to camera phone photography or even if you’re looking to pick up some new tips.

While I use my iPhone on a regular basis to take pictures I still consider myself new to this genre of photography. I’ve experimented with different apps and techniques and I’m a “believer”…iPhone (or any camera phone) photography is here to stay.

Al Smith’s “eyePhone” is not a technical how-to ebook (although he does provide some tips that I didn’t even know about) rather it’s an introduction to the world of camera phone photography discussing some of its limitations (are they really?) and the freedom it provides.

Smith discusses how the simplicity of this camera acts as a catalyst for creativity and how to create imagines that speak to the viewer in profound ways by eliciting feelings and emotions that create a connection to the image.

Whether you shoot and process hundreds of images each month or you just take the casual snapshot, you’ll discover exciting ideas and concepts that are sure to turn your camera phone image gallery into a portfolio you’re proud of.

Special Offer on PDFs

For the next six days only, use the promotional code EYEPHONE4 when you check out so you can have the PDF version of eyePhone for only $4 OR use the code EYEPHONE20 to get 20% off when you buy 5+ PDF eBooks from the Craft & Vision collection. Click here to purchase. These codes expire at 11:59pm PST May 27, 2012.

Special PDF Offer “The duChemin Bundle”

Renowned photographer, author and Craft & Vision founder David duChemin has packaged up his 7 most popular ebooks into one amazing bundle! If you’re new to Craft & Vision or you simply want to fill up your digital library with the best photography eBooks on the web, you’ll want to check out this exceptional collection. The regular retail price of these 7 eBooks is $35, we would normally sell a bundle at 20% off but if you purchase this bundle using the special discount codeDAVID19 before 11:59pm PST May 27, 2012 then you will only pay $19!

To see the list of titles included click here.

Forget Mugshots – 10 Steps To Better Portraits

Ahhhh….portraits…they scare me….a little. I’m not a portrait photographer but I do like taking “portraits” of people when I’m travelling. You learn a lot about a place and a culture from people. Being able to capture the essence of an individual and bring out their true character in an image really embodies the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Today Craft & vision releases its latest ebook, Forget Mugshots – 10 Steps To Better Portraits by David duChemin. I think I’ve mentioned in previous reviews of David’s books that what I enjoy most about the way he writes that I feel that he’s speaking directly to me…a direct interaction between teacher and student. In this case the teacher is a photographer whose living and calling for the last 6 years has been creating compelling portraits and people photographs for clients all over the globe.

In Forget Mugshots, David doesn’t discuss camera equipment or flashes he discusses the behavioural, emotional & aesthetic aspect of capturing truly remarkable portraits.  David duChemin walks the reader through the 10 Steps To Better Portraits and discusses each of these in detail from the point of view of someone whose taken great steps to convey a story through the eyes of their subject. The 10 Steps he covers are:

  • Relate
  • Wait For The Moment
  • Use the “Right” Lens (yes its gear but not in the way you think rather the unconventional may become conventional)
  • Use More Than One Frame
  • Understand The Smile
  • Watch The Eyes
  • Play With The Light
  • Control Your Background
  • Get Level
  • Pose Carefully

David discusses the value of waiting for that great moment (and how to make sure you don’t miss it), how a true smile differs from a fake one, and other solid insights that are guaranteed to give you tangible ideas to make the most of your next portrait shoot. Combining these steps with Portrait Profiles and Creative ExercisesForget Mugshots will help you photograph real people in the real world, leveraging the techniques and best practices that have made David’s portraits known around the world.

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New eBook – Vision Is Better II By David duChemin

The latest Craft & Vision ebook, Vision is Better II – Free the Mind, Free the Camera. Again. by David duChemin is being released today. I was very excited to receive my copy of  David’s latest ebook because, by my own admission, I’m a big fan of David duChemin. Why? Well I admire his photographic talents and his integrity as a photographer. His mantra of Gear is Good / Vision is Better oozes out of every blog post and book he writes, in a good way.  As a writer he’s honest, brutally honest truth be told.

Vision is Better II is a compilation of 44 essays which were published on his Pixelated Image blog this year. David has also included some previously unpublished essays. Whether you’ve followed David’s blog throughout the year or not this ebook will make you think. This is not a book about photographic technique although he does go there. It’s about the creative process; getting inspired; taking risks, not only as an artist & photographer but as a person. Follow David through a year where he’s made some changes in his life, planned for an adventure and then suddenly it came crashing to a halt, quite literally, when he fell of a wall in Italy, fracturing both ankles and his pelvis.  While going through months of surgeries and rehab he continued to inspire, he continued to hone his craft and define his vision. Is he done? Nope. This is an ongoing journey which I’m happily tagging along for.

This massive 95-spread eBook is the follow-up to one of Craft & Vision’s best-selling titles. The Vision is Better series acts like a PixelatedImage yearbook that gives readers a no-holds-barred vantage point into the adventures and life of David duChemin while at the same time providing you with fresh ideas and insights about making the most of your own photographic journey.

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The Inspired Eye 3 By David duChemin – eBook Review

The Inspired Eye 3 – Notes on Creativity for Photographers by David duChemin



You know what I like about David duChemin besides him being a brilliant photographer? The man can write. In his newest release, The Inspired Eye 3, it feels like duChemin is giving you a private tutorial on how to embrace your strengths, fine tune your imagination and trust your process to lead you to your own creative style.

“Our measure of talent, or our feeling about the lack of it, are far less influencial in our own creative process than how hard we work.”

This is not a book that will lead you to technical proficiency, it’s a book about your creativity process. Regardless of the equipment you use, if you can make a good exposure and focus the camera the rest depends on the choices you make and the way you want to express yourself as an artist.

 If you want to create great photographs, gear and technique won’t get you there. The continual focus on gear at the expense of creativity is why so many who love this craft become frustrated. After all, a camera, for all the bells and whistles, is just a box with a hole in it. Add a lens and there’s little else. Spend too much time on the peripherals – gear and technique – without tending to the core, and we risk ending up really proficient at creating photographs that are uninspired and uninspiring. If you have any interest in expressing yourself and creating beauty, if you’re more than just a camera-collector but a photographer, then creativity is your core asset. Investing in that asset, and understanding how it works, is key.

The Inspired Eye, Volume 3, is the third and final installment in the Inspired Eye series, an eBook full of discussion about the way we think and create – it’s about what happens before and during the time the camera comes to our eye and the shutter is pressed. It’s about how we deal with constraints, challenges, and inspiration; it’s about how we light and feed the fire of creativity.

 The Inspired Eye 3 is now available for PDF download for $5, or pay just $4 if you use coupon code EYETHREE4. You can also download 5 or more PDF eBooks at 20% off when you use the discount code EYETHREE20. These codes expire Saturday, September 24 at 11:59pm (PST). Click Here to purchase your copy now.





“A Deeper Frame” New eBook by David duChemin

When I started this blog a mere month or so ago it was because I have a love of photography and I wanted to personally challenge myself to get out, shoot, share and learn. What’s become abundantly clear to me is that there is a wonderful community of photographers (both casual & serious) out there who love this medium and are eager to share their photographs, stories, experiences and offer lots of encouragement to newbies like me. I visit many photoblogs and am blown away by the creativity and beauty of the work out there.

 I love to read and long before I started blogging I was reading books on photography, both technical and “art” books. As you and I both know these can get expensive. One day I came across a site called Craft & Vision whose whole raison d’etre is to provide “exceptional photography education at irresistible prices” through their ebooks. And that they do. At $5.00 an ebook you have to agree that’s irresistible. I’ve read many of their ebooks (not all….yet) and I’ve enjoyed everyone and can honestly say have learned from each book I’ve read.

The newest book in the Craft & Vision library is A Deeper Frame. Creating Deeper Photographs & More Engaging Images by David duChemin. While this ebook is relatively short, only 23 pages, it’s packed with inspiring imagery and a compelling narrative by David.

 David duChemin is a world & humanitarian photographer, best-selling author, and international workshop leader. If you haven’t checked out his blog yet please do so at http://www.pixelatedimage.com . David is a passionate photographer and writer and I have had the pleasure of reading many of his books. As a matter of fact I have his “Venice, A Monograph” ebook loaded onto my iPad and ready to go on my trip toItaly next month.

 Ok…back to the task at hand. In his latest endeavour David takes the reader on a journey of exploration on how to express their photographic vision. This book isn’t trying to teach you the technical how to of creating depth in your photographs although there is a little bit of that but rather its trying to help the reader understand emotional depth. Creating depth in a photograph whether it’s through perspective, composition or the type of lens you use, will elicit a certain emotional response from the viewer.

“A Deeper Frame outlines seven ways that we can create more engaging images through the re-creation of a sense of depth in the flattened image to create photographs that feel immersive and invite a reader of that photograph to not merely look at the photograph but into or through the photograph.”

 A Deeper Frame is available now as a downloadable PDF for just $5USD.

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