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Downtown Trains

I don’t know about you, but I find that when I repeatedly visit a place I find new subjects to focus on (pardon the pun) and I become slightly obsessed with photographing that subject. This happened on my trip to New York a couple of weeks ago. This time my obsession (ok obsession might be a bit of an exaggeration) was the subway.

I’ve taken the New York subway hundreds of times but this time was different. I didn’t just ride the subway but I looked around me and I paid attention. I paid attention to the entrance way, the stairs, the murals, the signs, the people. I shot lots of frames. I’m not thrilled with all of them but I certainly came away with some keepers. Over the next little while I’ll be sharing some of them with you. Let me know what you think. Let me know if you would have shot or processed the images differently.

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Montreal Lights

Project 52 Entry #28

We were in Montreal this past weekend for my son’s hockey tournament and stayed downtown at the Chateau Champlain. In anticipation of our weekend getaway I decided to rent a fisheye lens which I’ve always wanted to try out. This is the view of  downtown from our hotel room.  The Fisheye was the Canon 15mm…let me know what you think.

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