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iPhone Friday – A Visit to Unionville

As I mentioned in Wednesday’s post, last weekend we ventured out to Unionville to enjoy the sunshine that’s been eluding us of late. While I was busy taking images with my DSLR I did manage to grab some shots with my iPhone as well.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Old Country Inn


2000 Unionville 2000

Water Anyone?

Home Sweet Home

iPhone Friday – Art & The Vintage Car

Art & The Vintage Car…sounds like the title to an unusual book (or post) Actually the two don’t really have anything in common except being located in the same area of town.

Welcome to this week’s edition of iPhone Friday.  I’m taking you back to the Distillery district just one more time.  First the art. There’s a unique and wonderful gallery located in the Distillery called CubeWorks. You have to check out their site. Art work is created from Rubik’s cube pieces, have a look below.

CubeWorks – Distillery District

Bob Marley – yes those are Rubik’s cube pieces.

Next…the vintage car. This wonderful vintage Dodge is permanently parked and on display at the Distillery. For all you vintage car fans…yes it really is this cool looking.

This is how one used to open the window in a car 🙂