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Central Park’s Literary Walk

I hope all of my Canadian and American friends are having a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I thought it would be appropriate to share an image (or 3) from NYC today. The Mall in Central Park is a pedestrian walkway flanked by a quadruple row of American Elm trees. This is one of the last remaining stands of American elm in North America.

The southern end of the mall is known as Literary Walk where you’ll find the statues of Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott and Fitz-Greene Halleck.

Below you’ll see 3 versions of my Literary Walk image, Black and white; Color and a high key artistic version. Which do you prefer???

New York, Central Park, Literary Walk, black and white, travel photography, trees, bench

New York, Central Park, Literary Walk, travel photography, trees, benches

New York, Central Park, Literary Walk, black and white, high key, trees, bench, travel photography


Floating Pier

Sometimes you work on an image, where an idea and a pre-visualization of the end result had been percolating for some time and it just clicks. I’ve been waiting to post this image for a few weeks. It’s not often that I’m pleased with the outcome of one of my images (I tend to be my own worst critic) but I was really pleased with this one. This was taken at the same time as the surfing images I posted a couple of weeks ago. I used my 10-stop ND filter in order to achieve a long exposure and I used Topaz Black & White Effects to create the final image.

Click on the image to see a larger, high-resolution version (it really does look better) or to Purchase a Print.

Malibu Pier, California, long exposure, high key, beach, waves, malibu pier cafe, travel photography