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The Stables at Casa Loma

Casa Loma, located in mid-town Toronto, is the former house of financier Sir Henry Mill Pellatt. It was constructed over a 3 year period from 1911 to 1914. At 98 rooms it was the largest private residence in the city. Today it’s a museum and historic landmark. Just north of the main house is the stable, potting shed & greenhouse and hunting lodge. The latter was open this weekend for Doors Open Toronto, an annual weekend dedicated to the city’s architecture.

The main house and the stable complex is connected by underground tunnels and during World War 2 “the stables of Casa Loma served as the site for the development of ASDIC, which stands for Anti-Submarine Detection investigation Committee, an early sonar apparatus.”

I had to wait a while to get this shot as there was a family who was making a living sitting on this bench. I finally decided to roam around and explore the rest of the complex and then headed back to the stables to see if I could get my clear shot. As you can see I did. As I was walking out I was approached by someone who works there who informed me that I wasn’t allowed to use a tripod. I apologized profusely and headed for the exit, smiling. I so love these little wins.

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stables of Casa Loma Toronto