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Spring in Zurich

When travelling through Europe in mid-March you have a 50 / 50 chance of getting either great weather or a cold rainy day. Our first day in Zurich we lucked out and spent a great day exploring exploring the city with the sun shining down on us.

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Tuscan Hillside

After spending 3 days in Cinque Terre we headed to Tuscany where we were going to explore the Tuscan country side for the next 3 days. I was sad to leave the beauty of Cinque Terre but the wonderful thing about Italy is that beauty can be found in every corner of this country.

We based ourselves just outside of Montepulciano (more on where we stayed in a future post) in the province of Siena in Southern Tuscany. Driving from town to town one is graced with scenes such as this. It’s a good thing my husband was driving as I would have had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road.

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Hidden in Prospect Park

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Here’s another image that I took in Prospect Park in Brooklyn and decided to create a more artful version. As I did with “A Tree Grows There” I once again turned to Topaz Simplify to create the final image. I also wanted to let you know that Topaz Labs is running a promotion on Topaz Simplify. Until February 28th you can pick up this incredible plug-in for 50% the regular price. That means you’ll only be paying $19.99 which is an incredible price for this powerful tool. If you want to try it out first you can do that as well by downloading a trial here.

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Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York, trees, house, Topaz Simplify