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Sail Away

Sometimes you don’t have to travel very far to find beauty. Last weekend we headed down to the Beaches in Toronto. We found a spot on the rocks where we could look out and enjoy the lake. People were going by in canoes and paddle boards but in the distance the sailboats were gliding smoothly through the water.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. This was taken early in the afternoon on a hot, sunny and hazy day. A texture overlay in post created the ambiance I envisioned in my head.

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Lake Ontario, Toronto, Beaches, sail, sailboats, water

Sky Light

I hope that all my American friends had a wonderful 4th of July. Keeping with the festivities of the week I wanted to share another fireworks image although I wanted to try something different. I know fireworks should be enjoyed in full living color but I was curious as to how this would turn out if I converted it to B&W. I used OnOne Perfect Effects to do the conversion this time. I was really pleased with the abstract quality. Let me know what you think.

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fireworks, Canada Day, Ashbridges Bay, Lake Ontario, Toronto, Black White, monochrome, abstract

Fire in the Sky & Tips to Shoot Fireworks

As you all may know it was a long weekend for us and a wonderful one at that with a much-needed break on my part. Sunday was Canada Day and in the evening my husband and I headed down to The Beaches to watch the annual Canada Day fireworks at Ashbridges Bay. When we arrived the boardwalk was wall to wall people but I headed straight for the shoreline to set up for the fireworks.  To be honest this was the first time that I’ve shot fireworks so I wanted to make sure that I had plenty of time to set up and get into position. The biggest bonus of the night…a full moon.

Tips for Shooting Fireworks

  • Get there early to set up while there’s still light
  • Use a tripod
  • ISO 100 (to ensure minimal noise)
  • Set your aperture to f8 or f5.6
  • Set your camera to “B” or “Bulb” mode
  • Change to manual focus. I wasn’t sure exactly where the fireworks would be so I set my focus to infinity
  • Use a cable release to minimize camera shake.
  • I found that an exposure of 4 or 5 seconds worked the best. Anything longer then that and my images were blown out especially when there are multiple bursts of fireworks going off.
  • Have a flashlight with you so you can check your settings.
  • A fireworks display last about 10 to 15 minutes. You’ll have to work quickly so check your images on your LCD to determine if you have to adjust your settings.
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fireworks, Ashbridges Bay, Toronto

fireworks, Ashbridges Bay, Toronto

A Splash of Red

Project 52 Entry #49

Port Credit is located on the south shore of Lake Ontario in the City of Mississauga just west of Toronto. It’s commonly referred to as “the village by the lake” and in the summer it hosts jazz festivals, waterfront festivals and annual boat show. The summer is a busy place in Port Credit but spring is a perfect time to walk around and enjoy the sights and sounds before the crowds overtake it.

Last week I received a 10-stop ND filter that I had ordered and thought what better place to try it out then to shoot by the water.  The image below is my first attempt at using the  filter. The water was pretty choppy because (although you can’t see it) there were boats passing by before the exposure. I think I still need more practice though as I would have liked the water & clouds to have been a little bit smoother.

To enlarge (it does look better) or purchase please click on the image.

By The Lake – A Vintage View

This is another image from my stroll by the lake last weekend. I’ve been experimenting with textures recently and when I was processing this shot I was visualizing an old 50’s postcard look. I tried 2 different textures. In this first image I used a texture that was a bit more distressed looking and in Photoshop used the “screen” blending mode.

In this second image I used a different, much subtler texture, used a “soft light” blending mode and desaturated the overall image.

Now here’s where you come in…which one do you prefer?

Sunset on the Lakeshore

Project 52 Entry #36

This past Sunday the weather was unbelievable…sunny, mild it really felt like spring. Actually I witnessed something this weekend that I’ve never witnessed before (and can you believe I didn’t have my camera with me??)…my husband was washing the car…in the driveway…in February.

This shot was taken by the lakeshore in downtown Toronto on my late Sunday afternoon stroll. This shot was straight out of the camera. The only thing I did was crop the bottom to make it a pano.