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Israeli Street Art – “Psst…I’m Here!”

This is just one example of some incredible street art in Tel Aviv.

Click on the image to enlarge (it really does look better) or to Purchase a Print.

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The Lonely Path

This is another lovely little pathway I stumbled upon when I was exploring the Rockwood Auto yard.  I posted the first one last week, which was shrouded in fog (you can see it here). The fog was a bit less dense in this area but the colour of the leaves on the one tree in this section just drew me in. I used a texture overlay to give the final image more richness.

Click on the image to enlarge (it really does look better) or to Purchase a Print.

Ontario, forest, path, autumn, fall, changing colours, trees, fine art, texture, fog


PM Update – How & Why?

Well I don’t normally edit or update a post, at least I haven’t yet but I’ve gotten a few questions on what I was trying to achieve and how I did it.

Okay…so here’s the why. I don’t normally set out to shoot abstracts but I’ve seen some lovely ones and wanted to try creating abstracts in camera by using panning and zooming techniques. Something I’ve never done before and I’m always up to the challenge of trying new things. I headed out to a wooded area not far from my home and my initial goal was to come away with an abstract that would capture the colors of fall but not have an image were the subject was recognizable.  While this image didn’t exactly fit the bill, as you can certainly make out the leaves, there was something pleasing about it to my eye. I do have some other shots from that day that are truly abstract in nature and I’ll post those later on in the week.

The how. For this image I set up my DSLR on a tripod and pointed the camera to the ground which was covered in leaves and pine needles. I used my Sigma 18 to 200mm at a focal length of 96mm. f/16 and exposure time of 0.6 sec. While holding the shutter I panned the camera to the right to achieve a blur.  I brought the RAW file into Photoshop and tweaked levels and added an orange and red warming filter. I then used Topaz B&W Effects and applied an s-curve and used the Copper Red preset and adjusted the tones slightly.

So there you have.


I hope everyone had a great weekend. I was out and about searching for more fall colors this weekend and decided to try some different techniques with in camera effects. I wanted to create some abstracts using trees and leaves. Abstracts are not soemthing I usually do but I was quite please with some of the results. I’ll be posting a few more this week. Would love to get your thoughts….

You can click on the image to see it larger.