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Subway Tableau #5

Every Tableau tells a story….

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New York, NYC, Manhattan, subway, 57th Street, station, platform, man, waiting

Towards The Wall

The Western Wall, also known as the Kotel, is the holiest site in Judaism. Located in Jerusalem, it’s the western retaining wall of the Second Jewish Temple. This is where the Jews have turned to prayer for centuries.

On any given day the Kotel is full of both Orthodox and Secular Jews and while there is tight security to get in, its open to all religions. I always find visiting the Kotel a moving experience. As I was waiting for my husband and son I saw a group of people coming towards me and took this image. The gentleman in the forefront is what caught my attention and when processing this image I wanted to convey a sense of deliberate movement towards this very important site.

I processed the image in Lightroom including converting it to black and white and then brought it into Photoshop in order to create a multiple exposure.

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Israel, Jerusalem, Western Wall, Orthodox, Man, Walking, Motion, black and white, travel photography,

On the Street in Jerusalem

As seen on the street in Jerusalem.

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Jerusalem, Israel, street photography, black and white, monochrome, man, beard

Private Jet Needs Fuel!

I just loved this gentleman. He was beyond cool. My husband and I were taking a leisurely walk along the Mississippi river, deep in conversation, as we passed him. Honestly we’d been walking and I’d been photographing all day and now I was just in relaxation mode (I’m usually much more observant). Our conversation went like this:

Him: “Did you see his sign?”

Me: “No I didn’t.”

Him: “It was very funny. You should take a picture.”


I doubled back, lifted my camera in a gesture to say…”do you mind?” He said “Nah go right ahead.” I gave him a little something to help fuel that private jet. He thanked me, asked where we were from (he likes Canadians 🙂 ), we knocked knuckles and I was on my way.

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New Orleans, street photography, man, sign, man on bench