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Bellagio Nightscape

The lights from the village  and passing boats make Lake Como shimmer and shine at night.

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The View from Casa Loma

This wasn’t exactly what I had planned to post today. On Saturday evening I assisted a photographer friend of mine who was shooting a Bar Mitzvah. The event took place at Casa Loma which is a spectacular venue. I’ve never been to an evening affair there but I have visited a couple of times during the day.  I was taken aback by the beautiful view of the city from the terraces. The doors to the terrace were locked but I simply couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by. I asked one of the venue staff (in my sweetest voice of course) if she could unlock the doors just for a few minutes later in the evening so that I could photographer the view. At first I was told “no!” I was shocked…since I did ask in the nicest possible manner 🙂 As luck would have it about a half hour later with all the guests eating dinner they opened up access to the terrace for about 5 minutes. So with limited time I mounted my DSLR unto a tripod. Knowing I didn’t have time for too long an exposure I set the ISO to 800 and took 2 shots.

I present to you the view from Casa Loma.

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Toronto, nightscape, CN Tower, Casa Loma, view, Casa Loma Terrace, long exposure

Tunnel Vision

This walkway takes you from the main entrance of the Chateau Frontenac to the street. While my family was nice and toasty in our hotel room, I the intrepid photographer braved the cold and wind to get the ultimate shot!! Oh who am I kidding I lasted less the 10 mins before I couldn’t feel my fingers. I was able to get a few brackets of this scene before I headed in.

Montreal Lights

Project 52 Entry #28

We were in Montreal this past weekend for my son’s hockey tournament and stayed downtown at the Chateau Champlain. In anticipation of our weekend getaway I decided to rent a fisheye lens which I’ve always wanted to try out. This is the view of  downtown from our hotel room.  The Fisheye was the Canon 15mm…let me know what you think.

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