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Subway Tableau #3

New York – Times Square – 51st Street Station. Each tableau tells a story. You just need to look carefully to find out what it is.

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Westfield World Trade Center

The Westfield World Trade Center was completed and opened in August 2016. It replaces The Mall at the World Trade Center which located on the concourse level of the original World Trade Center which was destroyed on September 11, 2001.

The architecture of this mall is pretty spectacular and if you stand in the right spot you can see the new World Trade Center through the slats. I took this picture last fall but I’m heading back to NYC in a few weeks and I intend to pay it another visit.

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Westfield World Trade Centre, New York, NYC, Manhattan, mall, black and white

Up, Down & Signing Off

I’m getting ready to head out for a couple of weeks. I’ll be travelling to Israel and hope to come back with lots of images to share with all of you.  Look at my new travel companion….

Canon, 5D Mark 3, DSLRYup that’s the Canon 5D Mark 3. I just bought it last week and I’m very excited to give it a run for its money while I’m away. I’ll do a full review when I return.

I’m not going to blog while away but I will post regular updates to my Edith Levy Photography Facebook page and my Instagram feed.


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If you’re wondering what the “Up & Down” is in the title of this post it refers to the image below. I will leave you with another shot from the New York Subway system.

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NYC Subway Tableau

The New York subway series continues! This is probably one of my favourite shots…so far.  This is one of those images where the moon and the stars and the sun aligned.

Just as I pressed the shutter, the man on the platform decided to give me a little wave. I waved back just as my train arrived.

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New York, NYC, subway, station, tableau, wave, people, black and white, street photography

50th Street

What attracted me to this station at 50th Street in Manhattan was the Alice in Wonderland murals on the tile…also the cool looking underground 🙂

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A Fireboat at Chelsea Pier

I was in New York last weekend for a family function and while it wasn’t a photography themed getaway I did manage to sneak away one morning and head down to Chelsea Pier for some long exposures.

I had finished shooting and had packed up my gear when I saw this boat in the harbour that was spraying water. I quickly took out my camera (again) and set it up to capture what was happening. I had never seen this before but when I got back to the hotel I started googling to see what I could find on the subject. It seems that fireboats are outfitted with pumps and nozzles to fight fires on shore and on other ships. In New York Harbour fireboats will sometimes spray water when a military ship comes back to port. I didn’t see a fire nor did I see a military ship (which doesn’t mean there wasn’t one there) but it was awesome to see none the less. Maybe they were just practising for Memorial Day. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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