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iPhone Friday – Can You Spot The Difference?

I still had some images on my iPhone from my visit to the University of Western Ontario last week so I thought I’d share one more. I really love trying new apps but I still have my work horse apps that gets used all the time.

Here’s the image straight out my iPhone taken with Camera+

Western University, London, Ontario, campus, iphoneography

When I process an iPhone shot it always goes through Snapseed first for adjustments (when needed) in contrast, brightness, ambiance or saturation. I then also adjust sharpness and/or structure. I may stop there with Snapseed or try some of their different presets. My next favorite app is PhotoToaster. I just love the presets in this app but more than that the individual adjustment sliders give you fantastic control over the image. You can adjust exposure; temperature; lighten shadows; tint; blacks and so much more.

This image was processed with both Snapseed and PhotoToaster as described above. I did use a new app I just downloaded called Over. Over allows you to add text and artwork to your photos. Can I tell you how I found out about it??  You know those little free app cards you can pick up at Starbucks? Well last week Over was on the card. Yup…don’t overlook those, you never know what little gems you might find.

Western University, London, Ontario, campus, iphoneography, snapseed, PhotoToaster, Over