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Lunch Time Retreat

In the heart of Filmore District in San Francisco is a terrific pizzeria called Delfina. My husband and I had lunch there one day and the food, atmosphere and service were terrific. While  tables and the outside patio were full of diners the counter was a decidedly much quieter place to be.

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Top 10 Things I Learned In Rome!

10. Pasta tastes better in Italy.
9. Italian waiters are very charming.
8. There’s a Disney Store in Rome…and it’s busy…go figure!
7. I now like Tiramisu.
6. Italian policemen wear very nice dress shoes.
5. Designer clothing in Italy is just as expensive as it is back home.
4. You can eat gelato at any time of day.
3. Sitting at an outdoor restaurant enjoying good food, good wine and good music with my husband is heavenly.
2. You can get the best lasagna in Rome (seems to be a running food theme happening)

And the #1 thing I learned in Rome…

If a car comes racing towards you stand your ground. He’ll stop or at least swerve so that he can pass you.

Here are two very interesting and important places I visited today.