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A Tree Grows There

Happy Monday! The opening night of the group Landscape Photography Show which I was a part of was this past Thursday and I’m happy to report that it was an excellent evening. Actually I had a blast. I had family and good friends come out to show their support and encouragement as well as many other attendees.  This was a first for me and it was a terrific learning experience. The exhibit will continue until March 15th. It’s very exciting to see your work printed, matted, framed and hanging for all to see. Thank you to all who attended on what was a verrry cold Toronto night.

On to today’s image. This was taken on a walk through Prospect Park in Brooklyn. I want to give this more of an artistic look so I used Topaz Simplify to process the image and added the BuzSim preset with some minor adjustments. I then processed the image further through Perfect B&W (which I’m really enjoying) to create this black and white version.

Click on the image to enlarge (it really does look better) or to Purchase a Print.

Prospect Park, Brooklyn, tree, park, monochrome, black and white, Topaz Simplify


I hope you all had a terrific weekend. Apologies for not being around much last week but its been a busy time and this weekend was taken up with getting ready for the exhibition. The opening night reception is this coming Thursday and I’m very excited and even a bit nervous. We hung all the pictures on Sunday and it was thrilling seeing everything up on a wall. I’ll share some images with you of the show at the end of the week.

Today’s image is an iconic building in Manhattan, the Flatiron Building which is located on 5th Ave. When it was completed in 1902 it was one of the tallest buildings in the city.

Click on the image to see an enlarged version (it really does look better) or to Purchase a Print.

Flatiron, building, Manhattan, New York City, New York, Monochrome, Black and White, Architecture

City On The Edge

This is another image taken from Brooklyn Heights but a slightly different composition than the one in my previous post. This image was shot at sunrise but I decided to create a more dramatic image by giving it a B&W treatment in Perfect B&W by OnOne.

Click on the image to see an enlarged Hi-Res version (it really does look better) or to Purchase a Print.

Brooklyn Heights, Manhattan, city view, cityscape, Hudson River, long exposure, golden hour, sunrise, travel photography, Black & White, monochrome