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Photography DUH!

Shannon Kalahan and David Pasillas are both photographers/bloggers whose work I admire and follow. A couple of weeks ago they released their first collaborative effort, an ebook for the budding landscape photographer, Photography Duh!

This isn’t your typical photography book which covers technical information, instead it’s a no-nonsense, common sense book of mistakes you should avoid and not just any mistake but mistakes that both Shannon and David have made. Truth be told as I was reading the book I have to admit I’ve made some of them myself.Shannon Kalahan, David Passillas, ebook, photography, landscap photography

Now don’t get me wrong this book isn’t just about mistakes to avoid but there’s some great advice and instruction on things you should do. Shannon and David cover everything from how to keep your gear clean when out shooting; equipment you should have with you when out in the field (and not just camera gear); rules…when to break them and when not to and yes they do get into some of the juicy stuff that us photographers like to review every so often and such as exposure; light and editing.

The fun thing about this book…yes I said fun…is it’s written a with a great sense of humour and a little bit of tongue in cheek. Frankly I wish they had written it before I had made some of these mistakes over the years.

The book is available in Shannon’s store here and at $5.99 it’s a steal.


Two New eBooks from Ian Plant & the Team at Dreamscapes

Dreamscapes, mini-guide, wildlife photography, Ian Plant, ebook

Being away for the last week and half has thrown me behind on some of the post I wanted to work on. Before I left I had download 2 new ebooks released by the team at Dreamscapes.  I was planning on reading them and writing a review while I was away but I only got as far and doing the reading.

The first ebook  is another in their new mini-guide series, Wildlife Photography by Ian Plant.

I love these mini guides. They’re the perfect length with just enough enough information to digest in one sitting. They’re also wonderful to have with you in the field and quickly be able to refer back to the information you’re looking for. This Wildlife Photography guide is no different. Photographing wildlife has its own challenges and while it’s vital to get it technically perfect there are other things to consider such as does your image tell a story. Ian’s mini guide  touches on how tell that story by using light, providing context, positioning yourself and much more.

The 2nd release this month is Post Processing – A Guide for Nature Photographers by expert bird photographer Glenn Bartley.

Dreamscapes, post-processing, guide, nature, photography, Glenn Bartley, ebook

If you’re a bird photographer you’re gong to love this new ebook if you’re not you’ll still get plenty out of this book because it deals with post processing of images and not the capture. If you feel bogged down with your workflow then this guide will help you get up and running in no time.

Glenn Bartley shares techniques t improve and simplify your image processing and photo management. Bartley covers the gamut here from the basics of file management, monitor calibrations, RAW processing, selective adjustment and and advanced techniques to name a few.

The book interspersed with video tutorials, expert tips and timesaving tips that will help you get the most out of Photoshop and BreezeBrowser but these techniques are transferable to any imaging software you use.  I myself use primarily Lightroom and found the instructions and tips useful for LR as well.

In addition to the ebook itself you can download time-saving Photoshop actions and sample images to experiment with.

The Wildlife Photography Mini-Guide is available for $4.9 or purchase all 4 guides for $16.95. Post Process- A Guide for Nature Photographers is available for $24.95. Both books can be found at the Dreamscapes store here.



Confessions of a Blogger / Photographer

This post is going to be little bit different from my usual posts so please bear with me. You may have noticed that I’m not keeping up with my usual posting schedule. I have a lot of balls in the air…being a mother, working full-time, satisfying my thirst for photography, blogging, managing all my social media outlets, volunteering at shelters and now working at building a pet photography business. Hmmm and those are just a few things I have on my plate.

I have a question for all of you. yes you….my blogging friends and followers. How do you do it? How do stave off burn out?


“Blogging is like work, but without coworkers thwarting you at every turn.”  Scott Adams

I love this Dilbert cartoon. Believe me there are times I’ve felt like paying my son to write a blog post or two for me. Don’t worry I haven’t. There are no ghost writers or photographers at Edith Levy Photography.  So this is a good segue to my next disjointed thought. This is a photography blog. It’s not like I’m spending hours writing 500 to 1000 word posts, but the process of going out, shooting and processing images does take hours albeit enjoyable ones. This has been a rough winter for us Canadians.  I love shooting winter scenes but with most days from December to the beginning of March dealing with -15C or less temperatures its been tough to be outside for extended periods. I know…you’re saying to yourself “suck it up buttercup” other photographers do it. Yup they do! And I commend them for it. I suppose I’m saying this because I feel like I’m in a bit of a creative rut. I’ve been spending so much time doing other things that I haven’t focused on what I really love to do and that’s to go out and shoot. So therein lies the problem. This self-imposed schedule has been taking its toll on me. I love the friendships that I’ve built while writing this blog. I’ve said it before and I will continue to shout it from the rooftops…this is a great community to be a part. So the short end of it…I may not be posting as regularly as I have. But you never know maybe I just need a couple of weeks to regroup and then I’ll be back with a vengeance.

Of course this being a photography blog I need close with an image. I posted this a couple of weeks ago to my Facebook page but never posted it here. Here’s another view of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge taken from Dumbo.

New York, Dumbo, Brooklyn Bridge, city lights, Manhattan, skyline, night photography, long exposure, travel photography



Vision is Better 3 – A New Book by David duChemin

David duChemin is nothing if he isn’t consistent in the messages that he delivers. Whether those messages are delivered via his blog or in his books or through his photographs he expounds on the virtues of vision. While gear is important, as are technical skills, as photographer we must have passion that drives our creativity and our vision.

craft and vision, vision is better, bundle, ebook, david duchemin

Vision is Better 3 was released today by Craft and Vision and it’s 145 pages of essays, articles and tutorials from David duChemin. This is a compilation of articles from David’s Pixelated Image blog and never before published material. The articles are thought provoking and eloquently written. David shares his insights into the how and why of photography. If your a fan of David duChemin or whether your a photographer who wants a glimpse inside the mind and eye of a very talented artist then this book should be part of your library.

You can get Vision is Better 3 for only $5 here. Want an even better value…you can purchase the series, Vision is Best which includes Vision is Better 1, 2 & 3 for $10. You can purchase the bundle here.


craft and vision, vision is better, bundle, ebook, david duchemin

craft and vision, vision is better, bundle, ebook, david duchemin

8 Ways to Accelerate Your Photography – A New eBook by Anne McKinnell

I just spent last weekend attending a landscape photography workshop; I read a lot of photography books, I follow other photographers blogs that I respect and admire and I go out and shoot, shoot, shoot. That’s how it is when you’re a photographer. You’re always striving to fine tune your craft. There’s always something new to learn even though you may think there isn’t.

Last year I came across a photographer that had just quit her job, sold her house, bought an RV and embarked on a year long adventure as a photographer, writer and nomad. I was enthralled at first with her decision to do this (don’t we all wish we can make a change like that). What kept bringing me back to her blog, post after post, were her images. I travelled with Anne McKinnell for the year, revelling in her adventures that she shared both through the written word and through her photographs.

When Anne asked if I was interested in a review copy of her latest ebook I thought to myself “are you kidding me?” yup I’m interested. Now just as a side bar, her email came to me at 1:00AM my time so when I woke up the next morning I said to myself (just for a second)…”oh my god what if I don’t like it.” (yes I talk to myself quite a bit). Well my moment of concern was unfounded.

8 Ways To Accelerate Your Photography is a book that you’re going to read and keep close by so you can refer to it every so often. Anne McKinnell does a wonderful job of taking the reader through (well) 8 ways to not only accelerate your photography but improve your technique and become a better photographer.

In the first half of the book Anne discusses topics such as composition and how to create a compelling image; techniques for nailing exposure especially in difficult situations, different natural lighting situations and how the quality of light will affect your images and processing your images. The second half deals with developing your portfolio; sharing your images on the web and making money with your photography.

This is where this book differs from so many others before it. Whether your just starting out in photography or you’ve been doing it for a while we all ask ourselves whether we’re good enough to sell our images. You’ll have to answer that question for yourself but Anne not only provides direction on how to capture the best images possible she also reveals what methods she uses to select her best images and create a comprehensive portfolio.

Anne’s easy conversational style writing makes the reader feel like they’re sitting in a room having a one on one discussion with her as she eases in to the topics at hand. This ebook, at 88 pages, is one that you’ll read and keep referring to for a long time.

8 Ways To Accelerate Your Photography is being launched with a special introductory price of $7.99 but, for a limited time, you can get 25% off by using the discount code “accelerate25″ in the cart. That brings the price down to only $5.99! Click here to purchase.

Awards, Nominations & A Big Thank You

Over the past several months I’ve been honoured (and humbled) by being nominated for several blogging awards. I am embarrased to say that while I have acknowledged and thanked the individuals who have nominated me I’ve not dedicated a post to it.  It’s just a simple matter of lots of juggling of work, family and various projects and lack of precious time. So today I’d like to publicly say THANK YOU to the following bloggers that have nominated me…

Otto von Münchow – Münchow’s Creative PhotoBlog

Nia – Photography of Nia

David Pasillas – iPhone Photographer

nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award and

Silvia Ganora – The Visual Notepad nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Definitely check out Otto, David, Nia and Sil’s blogs as they are quite incredible.

The award requirements are that I share seven random facts about myself and nominate 15 other bloggers so here we go…

7 Facts about myself

  1. I have a Bachlor of Fine Arts with a major in Theatre
  2. I worked professionally as a Stage Manager and stage managed a show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland
  3. I have 4 men in my life that I would walk to the end of the planet for (my husband, 2 sons and my dog, Brady)
  4. I have a travel bug that I can’t cure (and don’t want too)
  5. I love musical theatre and know the words to just about every Oscar & Hammerstein; Sondheim; Kander & Ebb and Lerner & Lowe (amongst others) musical…but I CAN’T sing…so sad 😦
  6. In photography I know it’s not about gear…but I love gear.
  7. A few years back I wrote and published a pregnancy journal titled “Baby…I Can Hardly Wait!’

So according to the award I’m supposed to nominate 15 blogs but to be honest this was a very difficult task. There are so, so many wonderful and talented photographers out there that I found it very difficult to keep to 15. So as someone who’s been known to bend the rules every so often here are 21 (my lucky number) absolutely awesome photoblogs that I nominate and you should check out (but only visit if you want to be completely awestruck and inspired…you’ve been warned):

Toad Hollow Photography

Mike Criswell – TheatreWiz

Andy Gimino – Visual State

Rob Hanson Photography

Peter Talke – Places2Explore

Anne Mckinnell

Eden R. Ellis – Eden’s Captures

Anne Jutras – Photographe

Len Saltiel – LensEye View Photography

Adam Allegro – Catch The Jiffy

Dave DiCello – HDR Exposed

Jimi Jones Visuals

Mike Murphy – MurphyzPhotography

Aaron Barlow – Delineations of the Eye

Elia Locardi – BlameTheMonkey

Gracie – Frames & Focus

Mark – Rigmover

Marc Collins – Lead In Lines

Jim Nix – Nomadic Pursuits

A Creative Adventure photography by Denise Ippolito

Jim Denham Photography

There are still so many other blogs of talented photographers that I visit and I will list those in a follow up post.