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Inner Sanctum

My trip to Arizona was meant as a quick, rejuvenating get away for my husband and I. The plan was to spend a few days in Scottsdale poolside with a little shopping and dining and then on to a few days in Sedona for some hiking and bit more R&R.

As we were planning the trip I realized that this was my opportunity to cross off one of the items on my bucket list, which was to photograph Antelope Canyon. Page, Arizona is a good 3 1/2 to 4 hour drive from Sedona we needed to rethink our itinerary to make this work. We ended up only doing an overnighter in Sedona and heading to Page the day before our morning Photo Tour.

The slot canyons are on Navajo land and the only way to access the canyons are with a Navajo guide. After researching a number of potential tour guides and tour operators I booked with Adventurous Antelope Canyon Photo Tours.

The tour I chose was for photographers meaning you had to have a DSLR/SLR or Mirrorless camera and a full size tripod. It was a smaller group and the tour guide was experience in crowd control and provided help and advice to any photographer that needed it. Photographing in the slot canyons is challenging due to the light conditions. Our guide, Melanie, was incredible and I would highly recommend her and this company.

I booked 2 canyons, Rattlesnake and Antelope and we started with Rattlesnake which was a great way to get used to shooting in these conditions. We were only 6 photographers with plenty of room and time which was not something we would get in Antelope.

This image was taken in Rattlesnake Canyon.

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The Passage

When you arrive at the visitor’s centre in Petra it is approximately a 700 meter walk to the entrance of the Siq, which the main entrance to the city. Siq is the Arabic word meaning “the passage.”

The Siq is a long and narrow natural passage that leads to the ancient City of Petra. The width of the passage varies between 3 and 17 meters and the layers of colours in the rock is caused by oxidation. This passage leads to the most important monument in Petra, “The Treasury.”

Click on the image to view a higher resolution (it really does look better) or to Purchase a Print.

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