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Weekly Photo Challenge – Sea

It’s been a while since I participated in the WordPress weekly photo challenge. Not because I haven’t wanted too but its just been so busy. When I saw this weeks challenge I just couldn’t pass it up especially since I have so many images from California that I want to share and besides being at the beach or out at sea is one of my favourite places to be.

“hark, now hear the sailors cry,
smell the sea, and feel the sky
let your soul & spirit fly, into the mystic…”
― Van Morrison

Click on the images to enlarge (they really do look better) or to Purchase a Print.

Pfeiffer Beach, California, Big Sur, sea, water, rocks, seagull, rolling waves, travel photography

Pfeiffer Beach, California, Big Sur, sea, water, rocks, rolling waves, travel photography

Taking Off

Back at Halfway Log Dump beach in Tobermory today. I was setting up for this shot when this seagull decided to take a rest on this rock. I was firing off some shots when he suddenly took off having had enough of the paparazzi. I really liked the effect of the wings flapping as opposed to the stationary look.

Click on the image to enlarge (it really looks better) or to Purchase a Print.

Bruce Peninsula, Tobermory, Bruce Trail, Halfway Log Dump, beach, seagull, landscape

Help…I Need A Title For This Image…

I hope all my fellow Canadian and U.S. friends are enjoying this long labour Day weekend.  I thought I’d have some fun today and ask for your help in naming this image or at least providing a caption for it.

I met my two fine feathered friends the day we were hiking at Otter Point in Acadia National Park. The one on the left was quite vocal.

Acadia National Park, Maine, Otter Point, seagulls

A Perch With A View

Happy Monday. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. We had a busy weekend filled with lots of family, friends, fun and of course way to much eating.

We head back to New York and the South Street Sea Port for today’s image. I found my fine feathered friend here enjoying the relative quiet of the morning and taking in the great view. I think he had the best seat in the house.

For processing I used Topaz Black & White Effects and then used the selective adjustment tool to bring back a bit of color. (You can save 15% on any Topaz Labs products when you use the discount code ELPHOTO.)