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Morning Has Broken

Morning has broken like the first morning
Blackbird has spoken like the first bird
Praise for the singing
Praise for the morning
Praise for them springing fresh from the world

                                                                     Cat Stevens

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Israel, Tel Aviv, beach, wave, sea, long exposure, sunrise, lifeguard station, fine art

Bethesda Terrace #3

I was starting to process images from my weekend New York this past October when I realized I still had some unprocessed images from July. Sometimes its hard to stay on top of all the images but I am trying to clear up the backlog especially since I’m getting ready for another trip that’s just a couple of weeks away.

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New York, Central Park, Manhattan, Bethesda Terrace, architecture, arches, sunrise, lights

A Short History Lesson of Bethesda Terrace

Here’s another shot of Bethesda Terrace (I hope you enjoyed my first one. You can find it here) I wanted to give you a little history of this wonderful hidden gem in the big city.

The terrace was one of the first structures to be built-in Central Park which construction starting in 1859 and continuing through the civil war. It was completed in 1863. It was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. The designers wanted to create a place where people could enjoy nature as well as hold social gatherings. It was to be “a place to see and be seen while mingling with like-minded people,”  while escaping the stress of city life.

There is an upper and lower terrace which are connected by a two grand staircases and a smaller staircase that leads to “the Mall and Bethesda Fountain.”

New York, Manhattan, Bethesda Terrace, Central Park, staircase, arches, travel photography

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New York, Manhattan, Central Park, Bethesda Terrace, arches, sunrise, travel photography

Bethesda Terrace

I was back in New York last weekend and as usual I had a list of things I wanted to shoot while there. There’s never a shortage of things to see and shoot in New York no matter how many times you’ve been there. I’ve been to Bethesda Terrace in Central Park many times before but always with hundreds of other visitors and while that’s okay for some street photography I selfishly wanted the place to myself.

My alarm went off at 4:30am and off I went. I grabbed a cab as I wanted to get there before the 5:15 sunrise time and as I got out of the cab two things happened. First I opened the door to the cab to get out and on the sidewalk were 2 rats the size of an external hard drive and second the cab driver told me to be careful. I thought he was talking about the rats and when I told him they’d already scurried away he said that he meant in the park. “There’s a lot of bad people in the park at that hour” Great…that’s what I needed to hear. I had already tried to put aside my concern about my walking through Central Park at that hour telling myself that it would be light soon and it wouldn’t be a problem. I was right. As soon as I started walking towards my destination I encountered joggers and cyclists and I immediately felt better.

As I was setting up my tripod and getting ready to start taking pictures a couple of more rats decided to run by my feet (surprisingly I didn’t freak out. I think they were more afraid of me then I was of them. Maybe because I used to have hamsters 🙂 )

Here’s the first that I’ve processed. I’ll have more later in the week along with a little history of the place.

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New York, Manhattan, Central Park, Bethesda Terrace, Sunrise, arches, art deco, travel photography

City On The Edge

This is another image taken from Brooklyn Heights but a slightly different composition than the one in my previous post. This image was shot at sunrise but I decided to create a more dramatic image by giving it a B&W treatment in Perfect B&W by OnOne.

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Brooklyn Heights, Manhattan, city view, cityscape, Hudson River, long exposure, golden hour, sunrise, travel photography, Black & White, monochrome

View from Brooklyn Heights

Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays. I took a much-needed break the last couple of weeks to recharge my batteries. My family and I headed to New York for a few days and enjoyed some wonderful family time, but of course I found a little time for photography as well.

Before I get into todays image I wanted to let you know that Ian Plant has released a new ebook, Yellowstone – Light & Life. This glorious 80 page book is filled with Ian’s beautiful images and the best part is that it’s completely FREE. You can pick it up at the Dreamscapes store here.

Ian Plant, Yellowstone, ebook, Dreamscapes, Yellowstone Light and Life

2014 is shaping up to be a busy year but in a good way. I spent some of my time off working on my PhoDOGraphy by Edith Levy site which will be ready for a sneak peek later in the week. I’ll also be participating in a group photography exhibition in downtown Toronto later this month and I’ll be sharing more information on that later in the week as well.

Now on to today’s image. This was taken at the bottom of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade just before sunrise on our first morning in New York. What a fantastic spot for views of the Manhattan skyline.

Brooklyn Heights, Manhattan, city view, cityscape, Hudson River, long exposure, golden hour, sunrise, travel photography,


I’m back after a wonderful week away in California. It was clearly not long enough but I did come back with over 1600 images to process. We flew into San Francisco and took the week to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway ending in Los Angeles. I’ve just returned and have a lot of catching up to do so I’ll keep this post short but thought I would share an image of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. I was up early on my first morning (actually it was easy to do with the time difference on the west coast) and headed out to Fort Point to shoot the bridge at sunrise. This was one of the first images I shot when I got there and then….the fog rolled in. Not the fluffy white, nice fog but the grey, covering everything so the sun wouldn’t shine through fog.  I held out hope but the sunrise I was hoping for was not to be.

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Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, Sunrise, Blue Hour, bridge, landscape, Edith Levy Photography

Along the Mississippi

I’ve always wanted to aimlessly drift along the Mississippi river on a steam boat with a large paddle wheel on the back like in the musical Show Boat. (there’s my love for musical theatre shining through again 🙂 ) Arriving back in New Orleans from a week at sea I ran up on deck to capture on last shot if this mighty river at sunrise.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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Mississippi river, New Orleans, bridge, sunrise,

Follow The Light

This is just outside Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. I was finishing off my sunrise shoot and going in to grab a cup of coffee and beignet when I realized this was a perfect spot to take one last shot. After I took this, I zoomed in to get a tighter shot and just before I could fire the shutter the lights automatically turned off. The lights made all the difference.

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Decatur Street, New Orleans, sunrise, cafe du monde,

Back at the Light…Portland that is!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Here’s a close-up view of Portland Head. To be honest I was going to wait awhile before posting more lighthouse images but I wanted to ask a favor. I’ve entered this image in Viewbug’s Lighthouse Photo Contest. If you can spare a minute and hop on over to Viewbug’s contest page a vote for my image I would greatly appreciate it. You can click here to vote. Thank you so much 🙂

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Portland, Maine, Portland Head, lighthouse, sunrise, travel photography, landscape, cliff

Portland Head + 200

I know it’s Friday and this is supposed to be iPhone Friday day. Not to worry it will return next week.  Last Friday I shared with you images of Portland Head taken with my iPhone and today I’d like to share a couple of my DSLR images. I’ve finally finished processing them and I have a few more of this fabulous lighthouse to share in the next little while.

Oh…you’re wondering what the “+ 200” is all about in the title? Well today’s post marks my 200th. Perhaps not a huge cause for celebration but it is, none the less, a milestone for me and I wanted to share with all of you. I’d like to say once again thank you for all your visits and comments.

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Portland, Maine, Portland Head, lighthouse, sunrise, travel photography, landscape, cliff

Portland, Maine, Portland Head, lighthouse, sunrise, travel photography, landscape, cliff

Topaz Labs has released a photoFXlab v1.2 update. In addition to some necessary bug fixes, v1.2 will also feature….

  •  the ability to save you project (layers using a new .tpz file format)
  •  3 party-plug-in support (select .8bf plug-ins)
  •  Cropping Grid overlay (stand-alone mode only)
  •  Aperture plug-in support

This update is free for current owners. If you don’t have it yet you can use the coupon code  “createFX” to purchase photoFXlab for $29.99.  This discount will be valid until 08/31/12.

Solitude at Sunrise

While some want to capture the beauty of a sunrise by documenting the moment with a photograph, others want to purely take it all in holistically. And then there are those that want to photograph the holistic experience others are having. 😉

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Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park, Maine, sunrise, landscape, solitude

iPhone Friday – The Maine Event

Yes it’s that time of the week…happy Friday everyone! Naturally the theme of this week’s iPhone Friday post will focus on Maine, specifically Acadia National Park.

iPhone, iPhoneography, Maine, Acadia National Park,

Acadia National Park

iPhone, iPhoneography, Maine, Acadia National Park, carriage road

Under the Carriage Road

iPhone, iPhoneography, Maine, Acadia National Park, Jordan Pond, stable, horse

Acadia National Park, Jordan Pond Stables

iPhone, iPhoneography, Maine, Acadia National Park, sunrise, Cadillac Mountain

Sunrise on Cadillac Mountain

Chasing The Light on Cadillac Mountain

Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park is the highest point along the North Atlantic seaboard and is the first place to see the sunrise in the U.S. Naturally the plan was to photograph the sunrise. Consulting my Photographer’s Ephemeris the night before I plotted my plan of attack ensuring that I had everything I needed packed and ready to go at 4AM..

I was told to expect a mountain top packed with tripod toting photographers but I was pleasantly surprised (and relieved) to find that the look-out wasn’t as crowded as I had anticipated although about 15 minutes prior to sunrise the parking lot had filled up sufficiently to be considered busy. The nice thing about expansive mountain tops is that there’s generally enough room to accommodate everyone and I was able to move around with my tripod in order to photograph from different vantage points.

For me the beauty of sunrise shoots happens approximately 15 to 20 minutes before the sun breaks the horizon when the light changes every couple of minutes turning the sky into a multi-colored blanket banded in red, orange and yellow with a little purple thrown in for good measure. The light was a beautiful as I had hoped on this clear morning.

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Cadillac Mountain, Sunrise, Acadia National Park, Maine, Bar Harbor, Landscape, travel photography

Me & My Shadow

Project 52 Entry #21

So here I was trying to set up the shot and I realized that I was casting a rather large shadow. I was trying to get my shadow to move but she just wouldn’t budge…stubborn my shadow is. (Hmmmm did I just sound like Yoda?) Anyway the more I looked in the viewfinder the more I decided that I liked the look of this so I decided to let her stay.


Project 52 – Entry #20

I’m always amazed when I discover new places to photograph that are only a short drive away from home. A good friend of mine and photographer, Elliot Sylman suggested we go out to the Cheltenham Badlands at sunrise for a photo shoot. Given the beautiful weather we had this weekend  it was a perfect morning to be out taking pictures. Even better was the fact that the leaves have now turned and are in their full colorful glory. I’m so glad we got there early. By the time we were putting away our gear, at about 8:30am, a tour bus had rolled in.

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