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Supercharge Your Vision

I picked up Ian Plant’s latest release, Supercharge Your Vision – 9 Creative Missions for Visionary Photographers, a couple of weeks ago and have been meaning to sit down and write about it.

Ian Plant, ebook, Supercharge Your Vision

One of the positives of traveling on business is being able to catch up on your reading when your sitting on an airplane and I was really looking forward to digging into Ian’s latest.

As the title implies, Supercharge Your Vision, Ian Plant challenges the photographer with 9 well defined missions which are meant to have you try new techniques and and learn to see not just look at the scene in front of you. What I really like about these missions is that you don’t have to travel half way across the globe to do them. You can take up the challenge and achieve these missions (and along the journey improve your photography) just by stepping out your front door.

Ian Plant, ebook, Supercharge Your Vision

Each mission is accompanied by at least 10 to 12 scenerios on how to achieve that specific mission….what to look for….how to best capture your image….tips on lighting and composition all accompanied by images that reflect the image complete with shooting data.

Ian Plant, ebook, Supercharge Your Vision


This book will help you focus your creative energy and enhance your skills. You don’t need to buy any new gear. You don’t need to travel to exotic locals. You just need to open your mind and your eyes and your artistic vision will come to life.

Supercharge Your Vision is currently on sale for $9.95. Click here to purchase your copy.

Vision is Better 3 – A New Book by David duChemin

David duChemin is nothing if he isn’t consistent in the messages that he delivers. Whether those messages are delivered via his blog or in his books or through his photographs he expounds on the virtues of vision. While gear is important, as are technical skills, as photographer we must have passion that drives our creativity and our vision.

craft and vision, vision is better, bundle, ebook, david duchemin

Vision is Better 3 was released today by Craft and Vision and it’s 145 pages of essays, articles and tutorials from David duChemin. This is a compilation of articles from David’s Pixelated Image blog and never before published material. The articles are thought provoking and eloquently written. David shares his insights into the how and why of photography. If your a fan of David duChemin or whether your a photographer who wants a glimpse inside the mind and eye of a very talented artist then this book should be part of your library.

You can get Vision is Better 3 for only $5 here. Want an even better value…you can purchase the series, Vision is Best which includes Vision is Better 1, 2 & 3 for $10. You can purchase the bundle here.


craft and vision, vision is better, bundle, ebook, david duchemin

craft and vision, vision is better, bundle, ebook, david duchemin

New eBook – Vision Is Better II By David duChemin

The latest Craft & Vision ebook, Vision is Better II – Free the Mind, Free the Camera. Again. by David duChemin is being released today. I was very excited to receive my copy of  David’s latest ebook because, by my own admission, I’m a big fan of David duChemin. Why? Well I admire his photographic talents and his integrity as a photographer. His mantra of Gear is Good / Vision is Better oozes out of every blog post and book he writes, in a good way.  As a writer he’s honest, brutally honest truth be told.

Vision is Better II is a compilation of 44 essays which were published on his Pixelated Image blog this year. David has also included some previously unpublished essays. Whether you’ve followed David’s blog throughout the year or not this ebook will make you think. This is not a book about photographic technique although he does go there. It’s about the creative process; getting inspired; taking risks, not only as an artist & photographer but as a person. Follow David through a year where he’s made some changes in his life, planned for an adventure and then suddenly it came crashing to a halt, quite literally, when he fell of a wall in Italy, fracturing both ankles and his pelvis.  While going through months of surgeries and rehab he continued to inspire, he continued to hone his craft and define his vision. Is he done? Nope. This is an ongoing journey which I’m happily tagging along for.

This massive 95-spread eBook is the follow-up to one of Craft & Vision’s best-selling titles. The Vision is Better series acts like a PixelatedImage yearbook that gives readers a no-holds-barred vantage point into the adventures and life of David duChemin while at the same time providing you with fresh ideas and insights about making the most of your own photographic journey.

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